Thursday, April 9, 2015

Keeping Up With...Workouts (Recap 4/1 thru 4/7)

This past week has been very interesting.  It started great with me nailing workouts and eating Mon-Thurs of last week.  And I had a plan for the weekend, workout & eating wise.  Then Adrian got Friday off (YAY!!) and no one showed up for the class I was supposed to teach so I went way off track.  Sat and Sun were planned to be off track since we were celebrating Easter.

This week started out with sickness.  AJ was sick all weekend and had to miss school Mon and Tues.  Thankfully Adrian took Mon off so I could still teach all of my classes, but I had to cancel Tuesday's morning classes.  Last night was a horrible night of sleep between thunder storms and Daniel getting sick.  So today's morning classes also got cancelled.  At least I still have my evening classes and I will be working out all weekend.

I saw pretty good results this week when I weighed in yesterday.  And I'm hoping to see more of that next week.  I find when the scale moves I'm very motivated to keep it moving in that direction.  And it's especially helpful right now because I am shopping for new workout clothes and can't find anything that fits right.  Grr!

Here's how my week went:
Wednesday - Taught 1 hour long Zumba class and 1 90 minute Cardio Dance class
Thursday - Taught 2 hour long Zumba classes
Friday - 3 hours of swimming with the family, so much fun but what a workout!  I was super sore after it...and the next day.
Saturday & Sunday - Rest Days to prepare for 25 classes in 11 days
Monday - Taught 3 hour long Zumba classes and 1 hour long Total Body Conditioning Class
Tuesday - Taught 2 hour long Zumba classes
Boom!  That's a lot of calories burned in one day!

And a weekly update on my goals:
1. Continue teaching at least 6 Zumba classes each week.  I taught 9 classes this week, wow!  I was so sore and tired after Monday's marathon of a day but so happy that my body held up for all of those classes!
2.  Attend at least 2 classes other than mine each week.  Nope, again not a single extra class.  My goal is one class in the next week.
3.  Do at least 10 minutes of strength training at home 5 days each week.  No, I did a few days of Zumba toning practice and one day of teaching TBC.  I also think I had a few days of completing the whole body circuit from Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans.
4.  Do at least 60 minutes of yoga or pilates each week.  Nope, none again this week.
5.  Continue doing the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans monthly calendar.  I have not been able to keep up with this month at all.  Part of it is the crazy class schedule I have this week.  And I think part of it may be that I'm just a little burned out on these calendars.  So my streak will end at 15 in a row.  I may try again next month, depending what it is.  I did join another friend in a 45 day challenge.  Each day there are new exercises to do.  Today is day 4 and I've done every day so far.  I'm hoping the added social part will help me stick with this!
6.  Make the changes in the year long challenge called A Year of Small Changes. I've been keeping up with everything on this.  This week is to "green" up your cleaning.  I'm not technically doing this yet, but I ordered a spray bottle that I will get this weekend and will be using my essential oils to start cleaning instead of buying the chemical stuff at the store.

Finally, my weigh in:
4/1 - 224
4/7 - 221
Change for the week - down 3 pounds!
Change for the year - down 4 lbs of the 52 lbs I'm trying to lose (14th week of the year)

I think this loss shows how much water weight I was actually retaining because my eating on Fri-Sun was pretty horrible again.  But between nailing the other 4 days, picking up my exercise and using citrus oils in my water all week I am feeling SO much better!  Hoping for a big loss again this week.

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