Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Keeping Up With...Family (Reading Week)

I skipped this post last week because I honestly had nothing to write about.  I mentioned that on Easter AJ got sick.  The boys spent the next week passing the germs around, missing school, changing our schedule and sleeping a lot.  Now you're all caught up.  :)

Finally last Sunday everyone was healthy so we got ready to head back to school and our regular schedule on Monday.  It was Right to Read week at the boys' school so they had lots of reading related activities for the week.  They got to dress up most days for school and have fun activities during the day.  They also had a hallway contest in school to see which hallway could read the most in a week.  This caused all kinds of sibling rivalry (they're in different hallways) and actually caused me to threaten to take away their reading time if they didn't stop fighting.  Sometimes I just have to laugh at the things I say as a parent.
Sir Daniel is ready for school
Bring your favorite book - Daniel's on the left & AJ on the right
During school they got to do a bunch of fun things.  Daniel visited different kindergarten classrooms and heard a different fairy tale in each one.  AJ was read books and did activities in Spanish with the help of some of our high school students.  They both got to meet a local author who is writing a series about dragons (we bought his first 2 books).  And the big finale was a puppet show on Friday about different fairy tales.  I got to watch part of it with Daniel, it was very cute.
In addition to reading activities, we also had a few days of amazing weather.  The boys got to play outside all day at their friends' house on Friday, including building in their sandbox and bouncing on the trampoline.  Then on Saturday they finally convinced me to get out all of their water toys to play.  They had a blast playing with the hose, pool, sprinkler and water guns for most of Saturday.  Adrian and I spent the weekend getting stuff done because it is our last free weekend until sometime in June, and I'm sure those weekends will fill up quickly!
Zak in the sandbox
AJ & Daniel playing in the water
We only have 5 1/2 weeks left in school so things are winding down for the boys and picking up for me at school volunteering for the PTO.  I'm excited and terrified about the upcoming summer break.  Stay tuned for what we're doing!

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