Sunday, April 5, 2015

Keeping Up With...Food (Menu Plan 4/6 - 4/12)

Happy Easter!!  Hope you are enjoying time with family and friends and candy.  We are having a lazy Easter, partly because family was all doing something else and partly because our oldest has had a fever for 2 days.  He is resting on the couch, hoping he'll be recovered quickly and that no on else will get whatever it is.

This week is spring break for most of the schools in the area, although not ours we were off last week, so I am subbing a bunch of classes this week.  Because of that, there are numerous nights where I either won't be home for dinner or will need to eat on the run.  The theme for most of the week is quick and easy.

Here's what we're eating this week:
Monday - Quinoa Cashew Salad - never got to this one last week
Tuesday - Tacos for the boys & Zoodles & Tomatoes for me (will be on the run)
Wednesday - Chicken Parmesan Casserole - didn't make this last week either
Thursday - Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken Sandwiches
Friday - Thai Peanut Zoodles
Saturday - Cajun Shrimp Pasta
Sunday - BBQ Bacon Ranch Chopped Salad - will probably add chicken to this

Water Infuser Flavor - Strawberry & Cucumber

As always, I'm linking up with Laura at Mommy, Run Fast & Jill at Fitness, Health and Happiness.  Go check them out for some more yummy recipes!  Have a great week!


  1. I'm all about quick and easy! I've bookmarked the BBQ Bacon Ranch Chopped salad. I like that she recommends making a huge batch ahead of time for the entire week!

    1. Yeah, I liked that idea too. That is option 2 if we don't have it for dinner, I'll have it for all of next week.