Monday, April 27, 2015

Keeping Up With...Family (Circus!)

A few weeks ago I entered a contest on one of the blogs I read for a family four pack to the circus...and I won!  I was super excited, then realized we'd have to figure something out since we have 5 in our family.  I emailed the blog owner & asked if it was possible to buy a 5th ticket next to us.  She let me know early last week that Ringling Bros comped us the 5th ticket so we could all go for free.  The boys were excited to all be going out together on a school night.

We started our night out with a trip to Bob Evans for dinner, since it was a fundraiser for their school.  We ate with little incident and headed downtown to the arena for the circus.  We did not have high hopes for how the night would go as it had been a rough week with all 3 boys.  And Zak had woken up at 5am so he was exhausted.  He fell asleep on the ride there, but only about 5 minutes away from the stadium so not nearly enough.

We hit a minor snafu at will call, but eventually got our tickets & got to our seats right as the preshow ended.  We waited about 20 minutes and then the clowns came out and the big opening number started.

I honestly don't think the boys moved for the entire first act.  There were camels, elephants, clowns, a human cannon ball, tight rope walkers, trapeze artists and probably a bunch of other things that I'm not remembering.  When we asked them at intermission what their favorite part was both AJ and Daniel couldn't pick because "everything was so GREAT!"  Zachary loved all of the animals, especially the sleeping elephants.  We grabbed each kid a snack and settled in for act 2.
The second act was more of the same, except for a few potty breaks for Zak.  I'm SO proud of him for telling us when he had to go.  We saw tigers, bikes, dogs, daredevils, trampolines, gymnastics and probably a few other things.  Plus the big finale, which AJ described by saying "There was so much awesome stuff going on, my head was bouncing from side to side!"  All 3 boys loved it and kept talking about it all weekend.

We are very thankful to Macaroni Kid for the tickets and to Ringling Brothers for once again putting on "The Greatest Show on Earth!"  We had a blast seeing the circus as a family and will be anxiously waiting for it to return next year!

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