Monday, November 3, 2014

Keeping Up With...Family (Halloween!!)

We all LOVE this holiday!!  We all have so much fun dressing up, going to different events and of course eating all of the candy!  For me, this seems like a low pressure holiday.  Get a few costumes, a few bags of candy and then have fun.  No cooking, no clean up, not a whole lot of extra money spent.  I like it!  Our Halloween lasted for about 2 weeks this year.  Here are the (mostly pictures) highlights.
The costumes

We went to the Westerville Trick or Treat trail.  You go around to about 20 different stations, play a game and get a piece of candy.  Very well done event!

We went to three different church events, either called fall festivals or trunk or treat.

Zak and I went to an assisted living home to trick or treat one morning while the others were in school.  And Daniel, Zak and I met some friends and went to the Pickerington town hall and library another afternoon.

And finally we went trick or treating with friends.  The boys were running from house to house so I could barely get a picture of the group.  It was pure chaos, and totally fun!!  All 3 boys had a blast trick or treating this year for the first (and possibly last) time.  I loved watching every minute of it!

We also did trips to Boo at the Zoo and the corn maze.  Plus all of our normal stuff.  It was a very fun but busy October.  This weekend we kind of hit the wall and spent a lot of time just relaxing around the house and catching up on things.  Now on to the next holiday!!


  1. It looks like a very fun (and safe!) Halloween for everyone. Love that photo of the tired tyke at the end. Definitely a good sign that Halloween was loads of fun.

    1. He was exhausted that day! That was actual Halloween, we trick or treat the night before so he had a late bed time. He wanted to wear his costume all day though, so I let him. He got a lot of compliments in the grocery store. :)