Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Keeping Up With...Family (Random Catch Up - Part 1)

So I've been slacking on updating on how things are going in our lives other than what we're eating and my exercising.  So over the next day or two I'm just going to do a quick run down of what's been going on with us, mostly the boys.

AJ and Daniel are both continuing to do great in school.  At the end of October I had a conference with each of their teachers.  AJ's teacher said he is at or above grade level for all subjects, in fact for Math he is at a 4th grade level.  He follows all the rules in the classroom, finishes his work on time, helps other kids if they don't know what to do and participates in class discussions.  His speech and social skills are still areas of concern, but we have a great team working on both areas with him.  Daniel's teacher also said he is at or above grade level for all subjects.  He is a model student in class & wishes she could just tell the other students to copy his behavior.  He is a little shy and doesn't participate a lot, but we're hoping he will grow out of this.  He always answers correctly when she calls on him, just doesn't raise his hand much.  I'm very proud of both of them!

I was also able to go into both of their class rooms and help out their teachers last week.  I helped with some writing in Daniel's class, and zipping coats for recess.  In AJ's class I tested all of the students on their sight words.  I also had lunch with AJ in the cafeteria and got some PTO stuff done.  It was a very fun & productive day for all of us!

Other than school, the next biggest thing going on with us in hockey.  AJ is excelling at playing in his league, and loving every minute of it.  He has been improving every week and his coach is very proud of him.  Games started at the beginning of the month and while they don't keep score officially, his team has won 2 games and lost 2 games.

AJ and Daniel also got to go to their first hockey game.  I took them and Uncle Carl to go see the Columbus Blue Jackets play the Tampa Bay Lightening the other night.  We all got free hats and lots of snacks!  We had a great time and AJ really enjoyed seeing a game live.  Too bad the Jackets lost.  But we saw a ton of goals, the final score was 7-4.  AJ played his best game of the year the day after that game.  He said he used all of the things I showed him during the game.

AJ and Adrian are heading out to the Blue Jackets against the Boston Bruins this Friday night so I'm hoping for a Jackets win and that AJ plays great again on Sunday.  He will also have an amazing opportunity Friday night to be a Junior Jacket.  He gets to get dressed in his hockey uniform in the CBJ locker room, play a game on the ice at Nationwide Arena between the first and second period of the game and fist bump all the Jackets as they come off the ice after the first period.  To say he (and Adrian) are excited is an understatement.  I'm bummed I'm not going, but can't wait to see pictures.

AJ and Daniel are finishing up their bowling league for the fall in a few weeks.  They continue to improve their game, especially since Adrian is there to help them.  AJ has bowled two games over 100 pins and Daniel has one of the most improved averages in the league.  Their team is currently in third place with 3 weeks to go.  They are working hard to try to finish in first place again. I think they may take a break in the spring, it has been very busy doing bowling and hockey together.  And I'm pretty sure Daniel and Zak will be starting ice skating lessons in Jan which will be a schedule conflict.  But I think we will be back to bowling this summer.

OK, I think I'll leave off there.  I hate a super long blog post.  I'll try to do the second part tomorrow, but we have a busy day planned so I'm not promising.  But I'll be back with updates on Zak, Daniel's art class and all of our play dates.

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