Saturday, November 29, 2014

Keeping Up With...Family (AJ the Future Blue Jacket)

AJ's hockey team had a fundraiser recently where they sold tickets to a Columbus Blue Jackets game and their league earned a portion of the ticket sales.  The team that sold the most tickets got to be Future Blue Jackets during the game...and that team was AJ's team the Mite Stars.
AJ and Adrian found out a few days before the game and they were both super excited.  They had to get there about two hours before the game so I drove AJ downtown after school on Friday.  He and Adrian headed to Nationwide Arena and met up with the team.  They watched the Blue Jackets during warm ups and then headed into the locker room to change into their uniforms.

The team watched most of the first period and then with about 5 minutes left, they headed back down to the locker room to get their skates, sticks and gloves.  They made a tunnel for the Blue Jackets to come thru when the period was over and the kids got to fist bump the players.  This was AJ's favorite part.

Then it was their turn to take the ice.  They had divided the team into two smaller teams and they played a 7:00 minute 4 on 4 game of hockey.  In front of a sold out Nationwide Arena.  Adrian said it was really fun to see AJ playing on such a big stage.  When the game was over, they played a little with Stinger (the mascot) and then headed back to the locker room to get out of some of their equipment.
AJ is number 4

The team then watched the rest of the game from their seats.  They were lucky enough to see overtime and a shoot out.  Unfortunately the Blue Jackets lost the game 4-3 to the Boston Bruins.  AJ was disappointed that both games he has gone to, the Blue Jackets have lost.  Hoping his luck changes the next time he goes to a game!

AJ had an amazing time at the game.  He said it was "so cool" to be on the ice where the "real" hockey players play.  He also liked being in the locker room...because it had TVs so they didn't miss any of the game.  And he enjoyed being with his team, he has made a few friends on the team and he got to hang out with them outside of hockey.  I'm so glad AJ was able to have this experience!!

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