Monday, November 17, 2014

Keeping Up With...Workouts (TerraFit Week 1 of 12)

I mentioned yesterday that I am going to start breaking out my workouts from the meal plan blog again.  I won't go too much into detail about what I did each week since it's still almost exclusively Zumba, but I am doing a 90 day challenge thru TerraFit so I thought I'd recap how I do each week.

The premise is fairly easy, eat right and exercise and use oils and doTerra products that help with those two areas.  I'm already doing a lot of what they have us tracking and earning points for so I figured why not join the challenge to try to get thru the holidays in a little better shape than normal.

We started last Monday so we're exactly a week in.  Each Monday we weigh in and every day we track in the areas that they have set up for us.  You can check out all the rules here if you're interested in exactly what we're doing.  I'm just going to talk in generals about the program. 

This week I'll focus a little more on the food side of things.  They want us to eat healthy, eat veggies and drink enough water.  Here's what I like.  I eat almost exclusively from their healthy food list, or their neutral food list (anything not on a list).  And I always eat at least 4 servings of veggies, sometimes I do that by lunch.  Same with 64 oz of water. 

Here's what I don't like.  You lose points for every "unhealthy" food that you eat.  I'm OK losing 2 points every day for my coffee with cream in the morning, I love it & it fits in my calories and makes me happy.  Most days I will have this & one other "unhealthy" food & am fine with losing 4 points.  But I wish you could make them up.  You are capped at 10 healthy foods per day.  The other day I ate 20 healthy items, but 1/2 of them didn't count.  I also don't like that there are no measurements.  So I drink about 1/4 cup of creamer in the morning & lose 2 points.  Fair.  Someone else or me when it's that time of the month could eat a whole bag of chips/candy/crackers/etc and lose the same 2 points.  Not fair.

My other complaint is that you get 5 bonus points for not eating after 8:00pm.  While I agree some people can't eat at night and effectively lose weight, I do not have this problem.  I also work until 8:00 or later 4 nights each week so I HAVE to eat something or go to bed hungry.  And I normally eat dinner between 5:00-5:30, again necessitating a snack later in the evening.  I'm docking myself these points each day, but for my own personal goal I'm trying to not eat after 10:00pm.  I haven't succeeded on that either, but if I ever do I may award myself those points.

Over the next few weeks I'll talk about their points for exercising, their oils and products that I'm using and my goals for this challenge.  For now, I'm going to wrap up with my week in workouts and my "before" pictures.

Monday - Taught an hour long Zumba class, walked to school twice
Tuesday - Taught an hour long Zumba class, did a 20 minute arms workout, rode the bike 15 minutes
Wednesday - Taught an hour long Zumba class
Thursday - Taught an hour long Zumba class
Friday - Taught an hour long Zumba class
Saturday - Planned rest day
Sunday - Planned rest day

Weigh Ins:
11/10 - 220 (yes, I'm up again, damn food!)
11/17 - 219

Not bad for only really being on the plan Mon-Thurs.  The weekend kind of got away from me, as it often does.  Hoping to do better this weekend!

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