Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Keeping Up With...Workouts (Summer Plan)

It's been a few weeks since I updated about my workouts, mostly because they have been very hit or miss with what's been going on for the past 3 weeks.  But now that vacation is over and birthdays are behind us for the year, I'm refocused on losing some weight.

I have been right around the same weight since Oct of last year.  I've gained some and lost some since then, but it's been pretty much the same.  I know it's all because of what I'm eating.  So I'm making some changes and making some effort on that front.  I have some goals for the summer, none of which are a certain number on the scale though.

My first goal is to be under my calorie goal on My Fitness Pal almost every day from 6/16 - 8/26 (right before we leave for our Disney vacation).  I have two planned days that I will not be under my goal, the Jazz & Rib Fest in July and the Ohio State Fair in August.  This is a big goal for me since it's just over 2 months.  But I think it's doable.  One of the best parts of summer for me is all the fresh fruit so that will make it somewhat easier.

In order to stay under my goal, I pretty much have to exercise every day.  My plan for that will be to continue to teach my 6 classes per week, plus sub whenever I can for other classes.  I'm also going to use 3 Groupons that I have for different classes:  one for CrossFit, one for barre classes and one for boot camp.  I planned to start CrossFit this week, but I'm feeling a little overwhelmed and stressed since getting back from vacation so I decided to postpone one week when things are a little more under control.  Boot camp will be early mornings in August and then barre class will be end of July, beginning of August.

I will take some "rest" days in there, but they will most likely also include some Zumba practice, swimming with the kids or walking so I can still stay under my goal.  I will be smart about working out so I don't injure myself, but I'm really motivated and determined to do this.

I will also continue with my monthly strength challenges.  I'm planning to do 2 for June, July and August.  I'm behind for June since I didn't do anything over vacation, so I'm doing two days each day until I catch back up.  Because of this, I may only do one challenge for Sept since I'll be gone for the first week of that month and then gone for a weekend later that month.  If there is a month that they focus on the same muscle group, I will come back to the Little Black Dress Challenge that I'm doing now.  I love this one since it's a total body workout!
I haven't done too much since I've been back, but I'm 2 for 2 days for being under my calorie goal.  Here's how this week started:
Monday, 6/16 - Taught a one hour Zumba class (am), taught a 45 minute Zumba class (pm)
Tuesday, 6/17 - Taught a 45 minute Zumba class (pm)

And now the moment of truth, weigh in!
5/28 weight - 214
6/18 weight - 218
Change - up 4

I'm actually thrilled with this, I thought it would be a lot bigger.  I really thought I would be back over 220.  I guess stressing out, carrying kids, pulling the wagon & walking a ton really does burn off some calories.  I'm hoping this is the last gain for 2 months, we shall see!

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