Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Keeping Up With...Family (Vacation Part 2)

If you missed the first two days of vacation, you can check out part 1 here.

Everyone (except me) woke up refreshed after a great night of sleep Saturday night.  I couldn't stay warm.  I kept waking up shivering.  We started to get ready for our day with family...and everything took longer than expected.  We had two different houses to hit and didn't want to short change anyone.  We finally got everyone showered, dressed and off the mini golf course and on the road!

The showers were one of the most interesting parts of our trip.  The boys HATED them!  They prefer baths and were very upset that we couldn't bring our bath tub with us.  Zachary screamed thru his whole shower.  That must have been wonderful at 8:00am for the campers who slept in.  AJ did OK and Daniel got to shower with a frog!  Thankfully he didn't see him until he was done showering, otherwise I don't know if he would have gotten in.

We headed to my Uncle Tony and Aunt Joan's house for brunch and to see their kids, grand kids and my Aunt Sue.  They live on the water so that was a little stressful for us at first, but the boys understood that they couldn't go near the water.  They had a blast playing with their cousins (David & Ksenia's kids) and Adrian & I enjoyed a delicious brunch and catching up with the family.  We stayed for a few hours then had to head on to our next stop.
Daniel & Zak playing with Matteo
AJ & Sophia in a heated game of war while Aunt Sue watches
 Sunday late afternoon we headed over the my grandfather's (Pop) house.  My Uncle Tom, cousins Melissa & Alexandra and my mom were all there.  They boys were really excited to see familiar faces!  They had a blast playing with everyone and we enjoyed a yummy pizza dinner.  I stole an extra blanket from Pop and we headed back to the camp ground.

AJ & Uncle Tom playing cards
Daniel and Melissa goofing around
Our plan for Monday was to spend the day at Great Adventure.  Uncle Tom and the girls surprised us by taking the day off to join us.  However we woke up to the horrible sound of rain on our tent!  We looked at the forecast and decided a trip to GA was not in the cards that day.  We decided to try to switch Monday & Tuesday's plans and headed back over to Pop's house.  We hung out a little there and had delicious Sub Doctor subs for lunch.

Then we split up for a few hours.  Adrian, Uncle Tom, Melissa, Alexandra and the boys went to Seaside to walk the boardwalk and play some games since the rain had stopped for a while.  I went with my Mom and Pop to visit my Nana who is in a nursing home.  She has advanced Alzheimer's and isn't doing great.  I enjoyed spending some time with her and she told me I was very nice and that she enjoyed meeting me.
Three generations of Aumente ladies
After that we all headed back to the house, spent a little more time there being dry and finished up some laundry.  Then we headed back to the camp ground, hoping to make it an early night.  We stopped to pick up Java Moon sandwiches for me and Adrian on the ride back and bought some firewood to attempt a fire that night.  We were a little nervous about the boys around the fire, but they did great.  We roasted hot dogs and marshmallows and had a great time!  We dried up the leaking tent as best we could and turned in for an early night.
The boys enjoying some TV time at Pop's
AJ roasting his marshmallow
Dad helping Zak roast his marshmallow

My guys around our fire
Daniel roasting his hot dog for dinner
I'll leave off there for today.  As you can see, we had some very good moments and some not so great ones.  That was the theme for the entire trip.

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