Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Keeping Up With...Family (Summer Week 1)

Normally after vacation, I suffer from vacation hangover and we spend most of the next week doing a whole lot of nothing.  That's not what has happened this time.  Maybe it's because we got home on Saturday and had all day Sunday to unpack, do 10 loads of laundry and catch our breaths.  Or maybe it's because it's the beginning of summer and I'm ready to have the best summer ever!

Monday we kicked off the week with the boys first week of bowling camp.  AJ and Daniel did really well, I was impressed with them.  Zak spent the time running around the arcade "playing" games.  The boys really like bowling and are excited to be on the same team for the camp this summer.
Ready for bowling camp!
Tuesday both boys had art class.  Daniel and I did water colors in the morning, then we ran home for a quick lunch (because it was 95 degrees outside and I was not ready for a picnic).  AJ went back in the afternoon and started working on a painting of animals in the jungle that he will be working on for the next 6 weeks.  They both love their art classes!  And while AJ was at his class, the rest of us ran to Best Buy and bought "The Lego Movie."
Daniel painting during art class

Wednesday everything did catch up with us and we had a "stay home" day.  We stayed in our pajamas, watched TV, played and lounged around.  It was glorious.  Zak was supposed to start gymnastics that night but our car battery was dead so we couldn't make it to class.  Boo!  This also happened on Wednesday, love it!
Thursday we met up with one of AJ's friends from his class and did a bowling make up from the week we missed while in NJ.  The kids had fun bowling together, although everyone was upset that we didn't get pizza.  (They get pizza on Mondays)  Zak also got to get into the bowling action thanks to the "Kids Bowl Free" program.  He got two games, we didn't make it thru one.  We also ran some errands, then played outside for a while since the heat finally broke.

Friday we met some friends at the local YMCA for a pool play date!  We tried to swim in the outside pool, but the rain chased us inside.  We still had a blast swimming for about 3 hours with our friends.  Then Friday night we had a family movie night and watched "The Lego Movie."  Everyone had seen it, except for me, but the boys really wanted me to watch it with them.  It was really cute, I enjoyed it!
Wow, that's a lot of boys in the pool!
Saturday we had two different birthday parties to go to.  The first one was at the neighbors' house and we got to meet Batman!  The boys also had fun playing with the trampoline and baseball stuff in their yard.  Then we headed out to the pool for a pool party for another friend.  It was a little cold for swimming, but we still had a good time playing tag in the water.  Then Zak got too cold so I took him to the kiddie pool.  I really enjoyed watching him play over there, he was SO happy.
Finally, Sunday we rested, sort of.  We did a bunch of housework and other stuff around the house that needed to get done.  We have decided that we want to have fun this summer, but obviously there is a lot that needs to get done.  So each weekend we'll have one day that we work and one day that we play.  It might be hard to hold to it sometimes, but we're going to do our best.

This was really a great first week of summer vacation!!  Can't wait for the rest of the summer!!

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