Monday, June 16, 2014

Keeping Up With...Family (Vacation Part 1)

I have no idea how many posts this will end up being, but I'm just going to start recapping, stop when it gets too long and tell you guys about our week long vacation.

It technically started on Friday, even though due to a family emergency we were able to leave until Saturday morning.  Adrian still took Friday off and we were able to spend the morning packing and making sure we had everything done for the week.  It was nice not to be stressed trying to do this at night after working all day.  Then Friday afternoon I had a great play date with three of Daniel's friends from preschool.  We spent about 3 hours at the local pool while Adrian finished up cleaning and packing.  We all got a good nights sleep and were ready to hit the road first thing Saturday morning.

Saturday morning our goal was to leave by 8:00am. We were on the road by 7:50!  I was so excited to be on the road early.  I was hoping to make it to NJ for a friend's daughter's birthday party at 4:30.  But we had a lot of long stops on the way and that didn't happen.  The boys did pretty good in the car, playing cards, coloring, watching movies & playing the alphabet game.  Zak got a little grumpy for the second half, but he didn't have as much to do as the other boys.

Road trip selfie!
We got to Timberland Lake Campground right around 5:00pm.  We were so excited to be out of the car, especially the boys.  They ran right over to one of the 3 playgrounds and started exploring.  Adrian got us checked in for the week and went to start setting up the tent.  Our goal was for me to occupy the boys while he set up.  The boys and I played on the play ground and played a game or two of (free) mini golf.  Then we realized it was dinner time and everyone was hungry.
Zak and Daniel playing mini golf - the first of 329 games of the week!
I made mistake number one (of many) on the trip.  I took all 3 boys to get dinner.  Alone.  They were out of control!  I looked like a crazy parent in WaWa while I waited to order my sub, which I never was able to do.  I just grabbed a hot dog for AJ, some drinks & some chips and we left!  The other boys wanted Burger King so we went next door for that.  They were a little better there, but not much.  I know they were just stir crazy from being in the car all day, but it was a really rough hour.  Plus I was VERY hungry!

I drove them back to the camp ground and Adrian took them to the free ice cream social they were having.  I turned around and finally got our sub from WaWa.  We finally were able to eat our dinner and get the kids to bed.  They did great going to sleep the first night, everyone was asleep by around 10.  Adrian & I hung out for a little while, then headed to bed ourselves.  We were really tired from the drive and the stress of setting up camp.

I'll leave off there and pick up with our Sunday tomorrow.

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