Sunday, January 5, 2014

Weekly Rewind - New Year Edition

This past week has been a weird mix here in the Jones house.  We had an amazing Christmas and now we all kinda have the Christmas hangover.  We're still enjoying all of our new toys and all, but we also had to get back to real life, at least a little.

Adrian went back to work on Monday, although he then ended up with half day on Tues and Wednesday and Thursday off.  I had to work a bunch this week as well teaching Zumba so that required having the boys someplace by a specific time, which we were kind of out of practice doing.

Our New Year's Eve was pretty quiet.  We were going to have a movie night watching "Despicable Me 2," but RedBox didn't carry it yet.  So the boys have lucked out & we used the rest of our Christmas return money to buy the movie for them (although we still haven't watched it).  For our movie night we decided to watch our other new movie "Planes."  Daniel was not a fan and about 30 minutes into it, he and I were in the play room playing instead of watching.  AJ loved it and Adrian thought it was OK.

We have also been watching a lot of football between the Bowl Games and the NFL playoffs.  Now that all our favorite teams are done for the season, we are kind of enjoying just watching the games as a fan of football.  I'm jumping on the band wagons for the Bengals, since they are kinda the home team, and the Panthers, since I know Domenic Hixson's Mom.  Other than that, I just want good games, and yesterday's did not disappoint!

Finally we, like most of the country, are dealing with this winter storm.  We pretty much had steady snow all day Thursday which made driving hard, but not impossible.  The roads are still a little snow covered and now we are bracing for more snow & frigid temps.  I'm assuming the boys' break is going to be extended for at least a day or two, boo!  I am really looking forward to getting back into our routine next week!!

Stay safe and warm everyone!!
Our back yard Friday morning

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