Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Week in Workouts

I'm going to start sharing each week again about what I did in exercise including my upcoming half marathon training.  I will also post my weekly weigh in.

The past week has been a somewhat lazy week, other than teaching my Zumba classes & subbing for one of the other instructors at my gym while she was on vacation.  I got a lot of workouts in, just not much variety.  That is my biggest goal for 2014, to make sure I'm doing different things.  While I love teaching Zumba, doing my routines all the time isn't the most effective way to lose weight.  I'll be sharing about some of the new things I'm doing as the weeks go on.

One new thing I did in the past 2 weeks was teach a Zumba/TBC fusion class with my dear friend Beth.  She teaches TBC at my gym & takes all of my classes as well as some of the other classes that I take.  Our gym cancelled all classes on Christmas Eve & New Years Eve, but our students friends were all upset & wanted to have classes those Tuesdays.  So Beth & I threw this class together.  We taught 2 Zumba songs for cardio then slowed it down with one song of strength training.  We went back & forth like that for 90 minutes.  It was a GREAT workout!  My muscles are still sore from yesterday's class.  We are actively pursuing having this class added to our gym's schedule going forward.  I'll be sure to keep you updated!

Beth & I before our New Year's Eve class - those hats lasted like 2 songs - too hot!

Here is what the last week looked like for me:
Wednesday, 12/25 - Nothing but playing & enjoying my boys  :)
Thursday, 12/26 - Taught a 60 minute Zumba class (am) & practiced Zumba (pm) for 20 minutes when no one showed up for my class
Friday, 12/27 - Walked around COSI for about 4 hours
Saturday, 12/28 - Taught a 60 minute Zumba class
Sunday, 12/29 - nothing
Monday, 12/30 - Taught 2 60 minute Zumba classes, one am and one pm
Tuesday, 12/31 - Taught a 90 minute Zumba/TBC fusion class

1/1 weigh in - 225 lbs
I'm up almost 20 lbs since my lowest weight in Oct.  I'm no longer looking back at that, only looking forward at what I can do in 2014.  I'm recommitted to myself & also have multiple friends & challenges to hold me accountable.  I'm ready for a great new year!!

Happy New Year to all!!

How have your workouts been over the holidays??  Try anything new recently??

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