Sunday, January 26, 2014

Keeping up with...Family (Sickness, Dentists & Lots of Words)

This week has been marred with sickness in our house.  Wednesday Daniel's nose was running, but not enough to miss school.  He (thankfully) never got worse than that.  Zak started to get snotty & crabby on Thursday & is still trying to recover.  AJ & I had it on Friday, I'm better, he is still coughing really bad.  And Adrian started on Friday & is still recovering.  Thankfully he was able to work from home so he didn't have to miss any work or take the chance of infecting anyone in the office.  Best of both worlds!  We are also lucky that this doesn't seem to be nearly as bad as what some people are dealing with.  It's just runny noses, sore throats & coughing.  Looking like we'll probably have one more down day (Monday) & then hopefully we'll be back up & running...just in time for more sub-zero temps.  Sigh.

Sick boys on the couch all day Friday
We also had a visit to the dentist for AJ this week.  He hasn't lost any of his baby teeth yet.  This wasn't a concern for us until we noticed that one of his adult teeth is coming in behind his baby one.  I had never seen this or heard of it so of course I was concerned.  We went in to have it checked out & found out it's pretty common.  The dentist said the baby tooth will come out in time, probably in the next month or so.  AJ has instructions to wiggle it out and get it out so he can get a new Skylander (thanks Dentist!)

The other very cool thing that is going on is how verbal Zachary is becoming.  He has a huge vocabulary for not even being 2 yet.  He can tell us what he wants, what he doesn't want, what is bothering him and he can speak in full sentences most of the time.  Each of the boys has started talking sooner and better than the previous one, probably due to so much talking in the house as there are more people.  It's very exciting to be able to communicate so well with Zak, but a little sad with how quickly he's growing up.

Not sure how much excitement we'll have going on this coming week.  We have lots of snow right now, more forecast over night & temperatures going down to negative 13 degrees on Tuesday (windchill of near negative 30).

Hope you're all staying safe and warm during this extreme winter weather!!

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