Sunday, January 12, 2014

Family Update - Extreme Cold Edition

This week started with our Christmas vacation being extended due to extreme cold.  Monday & Tuesday the air temperature was around 0 and wind chills made it feel like as cold as -20 (yes, negative 20).  So the schools closed both days, I cancelled Zumba class on Monday and we stayed in the house for both days.

Monday went really well, I kind of enjoyed having the extra time with the boys.  Tuesday was the exact opposite.  I guess 17 days of togetherness is enough for all of us.  The boys were all fighting.  No one was listening.  I was yelling.  It was ugly.  Adrian got home & I went upstairs to calm down for 15 minutes, I was much better after that.  And I was giddy when I got to drop everyone off at school on Wednesday.

We struggled a little getting back to our routine, mostly with getting up in the morning.  Zak wasn't sleeping well this week so that makes it hard for me to get up and get moving.  He's been better the past few nights, so hopefully it was just a fluke.  We also had some "don'twanna's" like I "don'twanna" go ice skating, I "don'twanna" do what he wants to do, I "don'twanna" get up & go to school, etc.  Hoping now that we will have a full week of routine things will be back to normal...just in time for a day off for MLK weekend.

Some comedy from my week:
Thurs Morning -
Me: AJ, please take off your pajamas & put them in the blue (laundry) basket.
AJ: Mom, I can't put them in the basket, it's super full. I think you need to do some laundry.

That afternoon while we were emptying the dishwasher together Daniel says "Wow Mom, there are a ton of spoons to put away. Maybe if you didn't cook so much we wouldn't have so many dishes to put away."

The highlight of the week for me was date night on Friday.  We saw the musical "We Will Rock You" at the Palace Theater & it was great!  It is a musical using the songs from Queen, which really lends itself well to a musical since the songs are so theatrical.  The story was smart, the lines were hysterical, the performances were great & it felt like both a sophisticated theater experience and a rock concert.  Highly recommend this show if it comes near you!!

Finally, some pictures from the week.  I'm doing the Year in Pictures project again but am stepping it up a little this year.  I'm making sure I take at least one picture of each boy every week.  Here are the pics from this week.
AJ enjoying Sunday brunch
Daniel showing off their new Skylander - Stink Bomb (tee hee)
Zachary climbed into the sink for a swim.  He was wishing for summer!

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