Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Week in Workouts (1/15 - 1/21)

This was not a good week for me.  It started with a rough morning with the boys on Friday and went downhill from there all weekend.  I didn't do most of the exercise I had planned, some because of circumstances I couldn't control (dirty diapers, bad weather, etc) and some because I was just worn out, tired & didn't want to (I hate hormones!)

I realize this is going to happen every freaking month from time to time so I'm trying not to beat myself up about it.  Really it was only 3 of the 7 days that weren't great, and I moved for at least 20 minutes on each of those days.  I also kept up on my squat and pushup challenge that I'm doing this month.  And I got right back on the horse on Monday, mostly because of the following quote:

Since I'm teaching 4 Zumba classes a week and have the possibility of a 5th coming up soon, I'm trying to work on a new song each week.  I know the students don't really need a new song each week, but I like to keep it fresh.  And if I'm not changing up the songs, my body gets used to what I'm doing and it's not as effective for me.  I'm excited to debut a new song today in class and start working on the next one this weekend.  I also got approved for my first Zumbathon supporting Daniel's preschool, so watch for details of that coming up as soon as I finalize everything.

Here's how my week looked:
Wednesday, 1/15 - Taught a 60 minute Zumba Class, Biked 20 minutes
Thursday, 1/16 - Taught a 60 minute Zumba Class (am), Taught a 60 minute Zumba Class (pm)
Friday, 1/17 - Biked for 10 minutes, Did Elliptical for 25 minutes
Saturday, 1/18 - Practiced a new Zumba song for 30 minutes
Sunday, 1/19 - Practiced Zumba for 10 minutes, Did 10 minute Kick Boxing DVD
Monday, 1/13 - Taught a 60 minute Zumba Class, Did Elliptical for 30 minutes
Tuesday, 1/14 - Took a 45 minute Barre Class - it was awesome!  More on that next week.

Weigh in:
1/15 weight - 215
1/21 weight -215
Totally not surprised by this weigh in.  I'm actually thrilled that I didn't put any weight on with how much I ate this weekend.  Back at it now, 2 days this week so far have been great.  Hoping to be under calories every day until Superbowl Sunday.

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  1. You are doing great, Christa! Just keep it up and remember the muscles you found? yeah, there will be much more of that. I can't wait to see what you thought of the Barre class. I now take mine twice a week! :)