Thursday, December 27, 2012

Thankful Thursday - SNOW!

Yes, I am thankful for snow!  I love living in an area that has all four seasons that we get to enjoy.  I don't love everything about snow, but I am thankful that we got some yesterday.

The boys have been begging asking for snow for over 2 years now.  They were so excited to see the light snow we got the weekend before Christmas & couldn't wait to get out to play in it.  Then they were thrilled to get more the day after Christmas.  So far this season they have had a few snowball fights, made a snowman & went sledding.

Another fun thing about the snow this week was that Adrian got a half day off of work.  He wasn't ready to go back to work after the holiday & we didn't really want him to go back so it was nice to have him home a few days early.  Thankful his boss puts their safety above work & sent him home before the roads got bad.

Thankful for the snow so far, hoping for more this winter so we can go play in it some more!!

AJ working on his snowman during the first snow

Daniel "Ka-booming" our fence with snow

AJ & the finished snowman

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