Saturday, December 8, 2012

Thankful Thursday - Ignorance

Well, maybe I should rename this to "Thankful Whatever Day I get a Minute."  :)

Disclaimer - if your kids are not in school yet, you may not want to read this blog.  Live in ignorance for however much longer you have!

This Thursday was a rough morning for school drop off.  After I finally got everyone where they needed to be, I was driving to the gym & I was thinking back to about a year ago.  I was pregnant with Zak & thinking to myself "Next year won't be so bad.  AJ & Daniel will be in school.  It will be just me & the baby.  We'll have so much time together."  Yeah, right.  I was so naive!  Ignorance is truly bliss in this scenario.

School is a lot of work for everyone, the kids & the parents.  I have to make sure everyone is where they need to be with everything they need every day.  I also have to volunteer & help out for various things at the schools.  And I have to make sure homework gets done everyday.  And there is way more homework in Kindergarten than I ever though there would be.

Now you may be wondering where my thankfulness is in this post.  Here it is...I'm thankful for the naivety & ignorance I had before this started.  I'm thankful to all my friends who just shook their heads & agreed with me when I said how easy it would be.  And I am thankful that my life is as crazy as it is, I wouldn't trade this time with my little men for anything...including the time we are doing homework!!  :)

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