Friday, December 14, 2012

Thankful Thursday - Santa!

I'm really thankful that I'm getting to see Christmas through my kids eyes.  Each year they understand a little more about it, both the commercial side & the religious side.  It is so fun!

This year, AJ & Daniel have been all about Santa!  They wrote letters (AJ wrote his himself), we had breakfast with him, went to his workshop & went to see him at the mall.  AJ & Daniel have run right up to him & talked to him every time.  Zak is a little more hesitant, but we've got a few cute pictures with him.

The boys are super excited for Christmas Day & can't wait for Santa to come.  They love their candy countdown to Christmas & every day they remind me how many days until Christmas (I am not thankful for this, it is stressful.  Seriously stressful.  Where is that wine glass??)

Here are some of our super cute Santa pics from this year.

Santa at the mall.  AJ wanted to do a silly picture.

The 5 of us at breakfast with Santa

Westerville's Snowflake Castle

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