Sunday, December 16, 2012

Shopping with Daniel

Daniel loves to shop!!  Food shopping, Target, etc, he loves it all!  I don't know where he gets that from...I hate to shop.  I only do it when I have to & even then I go in with my list, get what I need & get out.  But Daniel loves it & gets so excited when we go to the store.  He makes me laugh with some of his observations when we're shopping.  Here are a few of his recent ones.

D - Mom, can we please get these Oreos.  We have never had these special red Oreos before.
M - Fine, we can get them, put them in the cart.
D- Awesome!  I bet Santa made these & brought them to the store so we could buy them.  They are so awesome!

(in the bathroom)
D - Mom, I heard someone else come in.
M - Yeah sweetie, it's a public bathroom.  Someone else is using another stall.
D - Oh OK, is it another boy?
M - No D, it's a girl because we're in the girls' bathroom.
D - Oh, it must be a big girl because she got to come in here all by herself.  Look I see her feet!
(This woman was a Mom with older kids, she came out & thought he was so precious)

Daniel also knows the weekly Aldi list by heart.  And he recites it as we walk through the store, getting lots of smiles & laughs as he goes:  Cheetos, Fudge Stripped Cookies, Nanola (granola) Bars, Flower Flower (cauliflower), Bean Beans (green beans), Green Balls (avocados) & a pickle (cucumber).  Hmmm, maybe I need to switch up our list.  :)

The only down side to Daniel wanting to do all the shopping with me is that he wants to buy everything.  So this of course sometimes leads to a huge breakdown in the middle of the store, usually Target.  Seriously, our picture may be up in that store.  In the past month he has thrown huge fits over the fact that I wouldn't buy him the orange finger paint (I bought them other finger paint because we got more for less & it wasn't ColorWonder) & and a Tigger stocking (I already bought the stockings he wanted to decorate).

So I take the bad with the good and usually take him shopping with me.  Sometimes out of necessity, sometimes just because I'd like a buddy with me & he makes me & the other shoppers laugh & smile.

OK, where do the groceries go??

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