Thursday, January 3, 2019

Keeping Up With...2019 Goals

Hopefully you all enjoyed following along with my goals last year even if I missed a few posts towards the end of the year.  I really struggled last year to balance working a lot more this year with all of my normal responsibilities.  I have delegated some of my work to Adrian and the boys and have removed a few commitments from my plate so hopefully that will help with the balance this year.  I'm also going to do the goals a little different this year, just a bullet point list with measurable goals.  I will have exact numbers that I want to hit during the year for each goal.  I'm also thinking this will help me add or change goals easier over the year.

If you have been reading for a while, some of these goals will be repeats and some of them are continuations of past year goals.  A lot of them are focused on getting/staying healthy, getting out of debt and having another "epic" year.  As always I will use this as a tool to keep me on track but I am trying really hard to not let it get me down.  Life will happen and if I miss a few goals, that is OK.  My goal each year is self-improvement so that is why each year I set goals for myself.  OK, enough reflection, on to my goals for this year.
  • Lose 50 pounds
  • Exercise for 20 minutes every day
  • Read the Bible in a Year
  • Read 20 books
  • Read the 12 How to Train Your Dragon Books
  • Read "The Beauty Myth"
  • Write 45 meal plan blogs
  • Write 52 weekly summary blogs
  • Write 12 goal recap blogs
  • Pay off $3,000 of credit card debt
  • Renovate the living room
  • Watch 40 movies
  • Go on 12 dates with Adrian
  • Sub 70 days in the schools
  • Do one group fitness training
  • Go to 6 Zumba jam sessions
  • Clean out master bedroom
  • Clean out play room
  • Have 12 family board game nights
  • Have 6 nights out with friends
  • Go on an awesome spring break vacation to Florida
  • Do 100 fun family things (one thing each week during school & one thing per person each week over the summer)
  • Go on 2 family camping trips
I think that is a pretty good start to my list.  I was thinking of having 20 items and I got to 23.  Again I will add to it as I need to over the year, but I think this is a very doable list.  I also really just want to have fun and find some balance between working, household chores and fun.  I know it can be done!!  Stay tuned over the year to see how I'm doing, I'll be (hopefully) doing a post each month to keep you updated and myself accountable.

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