Monday, September 17, 2018

Keeping Up With...Food (Meal Plan for Sept 16 - Sept 22)

Last week was crazy busy and I constantly felt like I was running in 100 different directions.  We have too much on our plate and are working towards decreasing the amount of stuff we are committed to but it is really hard to make those decisions.  We did pretty well sticking to our meal plan through all of the crazy though so I'm happy about that.  We did bump one meal to this week and instead I made a big pot of Tex-Mex Turkey Soup with our leftover turkey.  It was delicious and it made a lot of leftovers for lunch this week.

We are still struggling to find our rhythm with our new busy schedule and how to eat around it.  We have two nights now that I am out for dinner time.  Sunday nights AJ and I are going to our church youth group and we are there until about 8pm.  They usually have food there so I think we are going to start having our large meal for lunch and then just having sandwiches or salads for dinner and then I can choose to eat at the church or at home.  Monday nights I joined a lift group and they have dinner together so Daniel, Zak and I will be eating there on Mondays.  Adrian and AJ will still have to eat at home so I will probably still cook most Mondays and then just have leftovers for the week.

In addition to all of our normal stuff, this week is even more busy with me attending the women's retreat at church.  I will be out Friday night and all day Saturday.  I am having a pot luck dinner Friday night that I need to prepare food for and then my breakfast and lunch will be provided on Saturday.  I'm excited for this time but needless to say none of this is helping my healthy eating.  So I'm deciding to eat healthy the days I can this week and then I'm going to enjoy the other days.  I'm hoping it will all even out in the end!

Here's what we're eating this week:
Sunday - London Broil on the grill & roasted cauliflower (carryover from last week)
Monday - Leftovers for AJ & Adrian, Pizza for me, Daniel & Zak at life group
Tuesday - Balsamic BBQ Turkey Meatloaf Sheet Pan Meal
Wednesday - BBQ Chicken using the leftover BBQ sauce from this Dr Pepper Chicken recipe
Thursday - Paprika Chicken & Rice
Friday - Leftovers for the guys, potluck for me.  I'm bringing Asian salad from Costco and Oreo Lasagna
Saturday - Pasta

Water Flavor - Peach.  We picked peaches back in Aug and while we have done a good job of eating them, we still have a lot left and they are going to start to turn soon so I'm trying to use them up.

Overnight Oats - I have some pumpkin I need to use up so I'm going to make a double batch with that.  And then I have a black cherry flavored yogurt to use for another batch.  That should get us thru the week.

Use it Up - I'm using up peaches, pumpkin, BBQ Sauce, oreos from my pantry & chicken legs from the freezer this week.  I also started using an open chocolate syrup in place of maple syrup in our overnight oats.  It's similar health wise and adds about the same sweetness.  The bottle is opened from when the boys were drinking chocolate milk and they don't drink it anymore so I'm using it up.

Lunches - Most of our lunches this week will be leftovers or turkey sandwiches.  I also have a little bit of lettuce to use up so I'll have salad one or two days this week as well.  I'm interested to see how switching our lunch and dinner will go next Sunday and how it will impact our leftovers for next week.

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