Monday, September 24, 2018

Keeping up with...Family (Weekly Wrap 9/14 - 9/20)

Friday (9/14) I really didn't want to get up this morning and since Adrian wasn't working we thought we could sleep an extra half hour.  But last night AJ told us that he wanted to take the bus because he didn't want to mess up his routine since it's working out for him.  We can't argue with that logic but man an extra 30 minutes of sleep would have been great!  We got AJ up and ready for school and his bus was early so we almost missed it.  Thankfully I saw it coming so he was able to run out and jump on in time.  After he got on the bus, Adrian headed downtown to a gaming conference for the day.  I got Daniel and Zak up and ready and then we walked up to school since it was so nice out.  I came home and got ready to go sub a class at the Harcum Center and run a few errands.

After I got home, I got to work catching up on stuff I didn't get to this week.  It has been really busy and I've felt behind all week.  I was hoping to sub this afternoon but it's probably for the best that I focused on stuff around the house.  Before long it was time to get everyone from school.  I got AJ off the bus and walked up to pick up Daniel and Zak.  The boys headed upstairs to play video games and I got our dinner together.  When Adrian got home we had dinner and then had a family game night.  We were able to play three different games tonight - we played two of Sleeping Queens (AJ won both), two of Good Cop Bad Cop (my team won both times!) and one of Mysterium (we lost).  We enjoyed most of the games, although we had a few breakdowns during Mysterium.  I have decided that I just don't like that game and I should not play it any more.  The guys enjoy it so they will play it without me going forward.  After we finished the games, we got the boys to bed and then came down and watched another episode of "Atypical" before heading to bed for the night.
Saturday (9/15) Started early for us since Zak woke up and pushed me out of bed around 5am.  And then I had to get up to teach my early morning Zumba class at the church.  I had to teach a double this morning, Gold at the church & Zumba at the Y.  Thankfully my friend Lauren helped out and taught half of the class at the Y.  We had a great time in both classes & I went home a sweaty, happy mess!  While I was there, Adrian took Zak to his soccer game.  He played pretty well but unfortunately his team lost today.

After we all had lunch, we split up again.  Adrian took Daniel to his soccer game.  Daniel played pretty well and his team won 5-4!  While they were there, I headed back to the Y for another jam session.  I danced for 3 hours and learned choreo for 4 new raeggaton songs.  I had so much fun with Ria the jammer and all of my ZIN friends.  We danced and then we had cake to celebrate our friend's birthday.  It was an awesome afternoon!!

When I got home, we all had dinner then settled in for family movie night.  We watched "Spaceballs" together and all laughed a lot.  The boys loved it and I'm sure they'll be quoting it for weeks!  When the movie was over, we put the boys to bed and then started watching the OSU game.  It was exciting and I wanted to keep watching, but I made it to halftime and called it a night.  Between dancing for 5 hours and splitting a bottle of wine with Adrian, I was done!  It was a pretty amazing Saturday!!

Sunday (9/16) I got to sleep in a little this morning, unfortunately Adrian was up until almost 1am with Zak and then they were up around 7am again this morning.  It was a long night for them and I'm thankful I got to sleep thru all of that.  I got up and got moving so I could get to first service at church while Adrian got the boys thru the rest of their homework for the weekend.  Then they met me at church for second service.  The boys went to their classes, I taught Zak's class and Adrian went to service.  Then we all came home, had a quick lunch and got ready for a busy afternoon.  I got a few things done then took Zak to the Y for his swim lessons.  He finally got up the courage to jump off the high board during class and said it was fun and not scary at all!!
While we were there, Adrian took Daniel to his friend's birthday party at Magic Mountain.  Thankfully he was able to drop him off and have someone else drive him home since we had other commitments.  Daniel had a blast at the party driving go-carts, bumper cars, playing in the play area and playing video games.  While Daniel was at the party, I took AJ and Zak to martial arts class and enjoyed watching them practice and chatting with my friend whose sons also go to the class.  Then AJ and I head to One8ty for the night while Adrian took Zak back home.  AJ and I heard a great message about being a good friend and the importance of surrounding ourselves with good people.  When we finally got home, we got the boys to bed, watched some football (boo that the Jets lost but glad the Cowboys won!) and got a few more things done around the house.  It was a super busy Sunday & I barely feel like I had a weekend!  But it was a lot of fun!

Monday (9/17) Today the alarm felt very early.  But we all managed to get up and out on time.  Adrian and I put AJ on the bus on time and then he headed to work.  I got ready for the day and got Daniel and Zak dropped off to school.  Then I came home and got a bunch of stuff done around the house.  I ran out to pick up my new glasses and grab a few quick things from Meijer and then headed into the school to sub for the afternoon. I had a great time again with my class this afternoon and the time passed quickly.  When the school day was over, I took Daniel and Zak home and we got ready for our evening.

After some free time, I got everyone through their homework for the night and helped AJ get ready for Boy Scouts.  Then I headed out to life group with Daniel and Zak where we enjoyed pizza, snacks and great fellowship.  While we were there, Adrian and AJ headed to Boy Scouts where AJ worked on completing his first merit badge for first aid.  We all got back home a little later than we wanted to but we made it work.  We got the boys snacks and then got them down to bed.  Adrian was super tired after a few late nights of football so he headed to bed too while I stayed up to finish up a few things and enjoy a little bit of TV time alone.
Tuesday (9/18) Today we started a new routine thanks to a phone call from transportation yesterday.  AJ has been switched to a new bus and he would have to be outside at the bus stop at 6:15am to catch the bus.  That is honestly just too early for us!  So Adrian is now driving him to school every morning before work.  We now get to sleep in an extra 30 minutes everyday and our mornings are SO much more relaxed!  We got them out no problem this morning and I got the other two boys ready and dropped off to school on time as well.  Then I headed to Harcum to teach my three Silver Sneakers classes for the day.  I had a great day with everyone, I'm glad they all like my new class there!

After I finished teaching, I headed back to West to volunteer in Zak's class for the last hour of the day.  I did sight words with about half of the class and enjoyed seeing all of them.  When Daniel came to meet us at the end of the day, he had a huge smile on his face.  He was SO happy to annouce that he made safety patrol for the school year!!  Then we all went home to get ready for our busy night.  I got everyone thru homework and dinner and then got Daniel and Adrian out to his soccer practice.  After they left,  I got Zak ready for his first Cub Scout meeting of the year.  He learned all of the basics and earned his Bobcat badge.  He is super excited for his year as a Tiger scout!  When we all finally got home, it was time for snack, show and bed for the boys.  Then Adrian and I watched a little more of the Emmys from last night and headed to bed too.
Wednesday (9/19) We again had a relaxing morning and got Adrian and AJ off to school and work on time.  AJ said he likes this a little better than the bus but he does get to school a little later now so he has to move quicker when he gets there.  When they were on the road, I got myself ready then work up the other boys and got them ready and dropped off to school.  After I dropped them off, I headed out to do the grocery shopping for the week, including a trip to Costco.  I got home around lunch time and unloaded and put everything away then got a few other things done around the house before I needed to head out to pick everyone up from school.

After I got everyone home from school, I got them settled in and then headed out to work all night.  I taught a fun Zumba class at the Y and then headed to the church to work as the facilities rep for the night.  I got a bunch of stuff done while I welcomed people to the church for English classes.  After I finished up there, I headed home just in time to help with bedtime for the boys.  Then we did a few things around the house and then watched a little more of the Emmys before heading to bed for the night.

Thursday (9/20) Another great morning getting ready and getting AJ and Adrian out to work and school.  Adrian said it is a little tougher for him since he is driving in more traffic now, but he's OK with it because it's what's best for all of us right now.  The positive for him is he is still getting up at the same time and he's getting a workout in before he wakes AJ up.  After they were out, I got ready and got the other boys up and ready for school.  I dropped them off and headed to Harcum to teach my three classes for the day.  In between class 2 and 3 I ran down the street to see my friend and get a quick haircut from her.  It's so short and bouncy, I love it!!

After my classes, I came home and did a few things before everyone got home from school.  Then AJ and I ran out to his school so he could shop at the book fair.  AJ was super excited to show me how he has reorganized his locker to make it easier for him to remember what he needs each time he goes to his locker.  After we did everything he wanted to at school, we came home and had a quick dinner of ravioli together before heading out for a busy night.  I dropped Zak off at soccer practice and then went to teach my Zumba class at Eastpointe.  Adrian picked Zak up and came home to help everyone get thru their homework.  When I got home, we put the boys to bed and watched the Jets vs Browns game.  While I am happy the Browns finally won, I was not happy that it came against my team!  It was super late when we finished watching and I went right to bed.  Unfortunately Adrian was still working from home so he had to stay up and finish what he was working on.

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