Sunday, June 3, 2018

Keeping Up With...Food (Meal Plan for June 3 - June 9)

I'm back to meal planning after an unintentional week off.  We had a great time camping Memorial Day weekend and then when we got home I was so tired I didn't feel like thinking about planning meals.  We also had a ton of leftover food from camping, a few meals I didn't make before we left and three parties last week.  So all of those things factored into a lazy week meal plan wise.  We mostly ate leftovers and junk food all week.

But this week I am ready to focus on healthy eating and try to find a little bit of a schedule for the summer.  I always struggle in the summer since we don't have a schedule to follow so I tend to get lazy with both cooking and exercising.  I'm trying really hard not to let that happen this summer.  I'm not teaching as many classes so I'm hoping to get to a few classes for a workout myself.  And the boys are a little older and more self sufficient so they are OK in childcare once in a while.  We'll see how the summer goes, but for now my plan for June is looking good.

Here's what we're eating this week:
Sunday - Leftovers (yeah, we still have some so we're sticking with it tonight)
Monday - Chicken Gnocchi Soup
Tuesday - Beef Stew
Wednesday - Cajun Chicken Pasta
Thursday - Shrimp and Crab Enchiladas
Friday - Roasted Brussels Sprouts & Kielbasa
Saturday - Mac and Cheese and Salad

Water Flavor - Orange Strawberry.  We had a few oranges left over from soccer snacks this season so I used those up.  And we went strawberry picking last week so I have a ton of those!  I put some in my water, froze a bunch for smoothies and left some out for snacks for the week.

Overnight Oats - I went to set these up for the week and realized that I only had one cup of oats.  So I used my normal recipe to make enough for two mornings with some blueberry flavored yogurt.  I will be going shopping either tomorrow or Tuesday to get more oats and will set them up Tuesday night for the rest of the week.  I'm planning on using up the flavored yogurts that I have including peanut butter cup, caramel pretzel and honey peanut butter cup.

Use It Up - This is almost exclusively how I planned my meals for this week since I probably can't get to the store until at least Tuesday.  I have all of the ingredients for the meals for Monday and Tuesday, some of the veggies are ready to turn though, so I'm making them ASAP.  I'm using up open enchilada sauce and evaporated milk in two of the meals.  Then I finished the week out with a little variety.  I'm also using up a bunch of yogurt in my overnight oats this week.

Lunches - I will actually be eating most of my lunches on the go this week so I'll be making sandwiches just about every day.  This is also a "use it up" exercise because I have a ton of turkey and ham opened from the camping trip so I will be trying to use that up too.  If I'm home a day or two I will have leftovers and I may make a salad a day or two and cut up some lunch meat in it.

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