Sunday, April 22, 2018

Keeping up with...Family (Weekly Wrap 4/13 - 4/19)

Friday (4/13) We made it to the last day of our first week of state testing!  It was a busy week but we survived.  We all got a great night of sleep last night and were up and out on time this morning.  I was subbing all day so I went in with Daniel and Zak a little before their school day starts.  I subbed in a great class all day and had some fun with them.  I am really enjoying subbing and think I'm hitting my stride with it.  I got to see both Daniel and Zak at our second recess, they were so excited to see me!  It was a little windy, but otherwise a gorgeous day!
After school, we came home and had a mostly relaxing evening.  The boys played outside and played some video games.  I got caught up on the dishes and laundry from the week and relaxed a lot.  Adrian worked on setting up the game room in the loft, played with the boys and relaxed as well.  The boys were all exhausted so we put them to bed at their normal time.  We finished up a few things then settled in to watch a few comedies before heading up to bed ourselves.  Not the most exciting Friday night but it was a pretty great one!

Saturday (4/14) This morning started early for Adrian and AJ because AJ had a very early soccer game.  His team won & he said he had so much fun!  Adrian came home and dropped him off and picked up Daniel to take him back to the fields for his game.  His team lost and Daniel was complaining about some bad calls by the refs.  Adrian seems to think those calls didn't decide the game.  Soon after they got home, it started pouring!  I'm glad both boys were able to get their games in before the rain started.  This weather has made for a rocky start to our spring soccer season.

While they were out at the games, I was home getting stuff done around here including finally filing our taxes for last year!  We've been so busy I have not been able to take the time to get them done so I set aside the whole day today to get them done.  When those were finished, I spent the rest of the day working around the house trying to catch up on all that I haven't had time for since we've been so busy.  The boys helped us clean, played video games and finished their homework for next week.  It was a fairly relaxing Saturday at home and we enjoyed it.  We got take out for dinner and when the boys went to bed, we watched a few comedies and had some wine. 
Sunday (4/15) We all slept in a little today and then started our always busy Sundays.  We were getting ready to head out to church but AJ got sick so we decided to skip it and see how he was feeling after some time.  He was perfectly fine so we're assuming it was something he ate.  I headed out to second service while Adrian got the boys ready for swim lessons.  I was at the church most of the day between service and working as the facility rep all afternoon.  It was nice and quiet and I was able to get a lot done while working.  The boys had fun at their swim lessons and also at Martial Arts.  I got home and made us meatball subs for dinner and we all enjoyed a nice relaxing family dinner.  After dinner Adrian and I finished up a few things around the house while the boys enjoyed playing in their new video game nook in our loft.  Before long it was time for snack, show and bed for the boys and then for us.  Ready to take on another busy week!

Monday (4/16) 30 school days left until summer!!  Everyone was up early today and ready to head to school.  It was easy for Zak to get dressed because he had pajama day to celebrate finishing testing!  We got everyone out on time to school and then I headed to the Y for Body Pump and then to teach Silver Sneakers.  When classes were done, I headed to Easton to meet my friend Jodi for lunch.  We both had coupons from our birthdays to use so we had wine and appetizers at both Coopers Hawk and Kona Grill.  We had a great time eating, drinking, chatting and laughing.  We decided we need to do this more often!
After lunch, I ran home to pick up all of the boys from school and then headed back to the Y to teach my Zumba class.  We had a sweaty fun time at class as always.  Then I ran home with the boys to have a quick dinner before we split up to head out to Scouts.  I took Zak to his Lions meeting and Adrian took AJ to Boy Scouts.  Zak finished up all of his requirements and officially advanced to a Tiger after tonight's meeting.  He also got to celebrate his friend Hudson's birthday with brownie sundaes.  We had a fun night!  When we all got home, we got everyone ready for bed since we have a few more days of testing ahead of us this week.
Tuesday (4/17) After the business of yesterday, we struggled to get up this morning but we did it.  We got everyone off to work and school on time and then I headed to the Harcum Center to teach my two Silver Sneakers classes.  We had a great workout and a lot of laughs as always.  When I finished with my classes, I ran a few errands and then came home and did a bunch of stuff around the house.  I'm working really hard to stay caught up this week because we have a super busy weekend.  Before I knew it, AJ was getting off the bus and I ran up to pick up the other boys.  Daniel was supposed to have soccer tonight but since it's still snowing and freezing here, his coach cancelled.  We enjoyed our night off with a family dinner, video games and the Blue Jackets playoff game.  We got the boys down to bed on time, we have one more day of testing tomorrow and then all three boys are done for this school year.  I tried to stay up until the end of the hockey game, but I got too tired to stay up.  It went to double overtime and unfortunately the Jackets lost.  Hoping for a better outcome Thursday!

Wednesday (4/18) We all got up and out on time again today.  After I dropped everyone off to school, I ran a few errands and then headed to Harcum to sub a class there.  It was different than my usual class, but we all had fun.  Then I came home and did a few things around the house and had lunch before heading into the school to sub for the art teacher all afternoon.  When school was over, we came home and picked up AJ and headed to the Y for my Zumba class.  After a fun class, I got Daniel changed, ate dinner in the car and headed to the soccer field for his game.  Unfortunately his team lost again by 1 goal, but they looked pretty good.  We all came home and finished up homework and then the boys played while Adrian and I cleaned up.  We got them to bed early because Daniel still has testing tomorrow since the entire site went down today.  After getting them to bed, we watched Survivor and Roseanne and then headed to bed.  I loved how they dealt with David and Darlene, perfect resolution!  And before I went to bed, I had to play tooth fairy for Daniel who lost a tooth during breakfast this morning.
Thursday (4/19) Everyone was up super early today, way before most of them needed to be.  We got AJ on the bus and then everyone else got ready.  I dropped the other boys off at school and headed to the Harcum Center to teach my two Silver Sneakers classes.  We were all a little bummed that it is still snowing here but we're hoping spring is coming soon!  After class I got changed quickly and headed in to sub for the afternoon.  The class was rough, but it's been a rough week for them with testing and lots of schedule changes.  After school I picked up Daniel and Zak and we headed home.  All three boys were supposed to have soccer but due to poor field conditions, Zak's was cancelled.  It made our night a little easier since we only had 2 practices.  Adrian took AJ and Daniel to practice while I stayed home with Zak to finish his homework and get the house cleaned up a bit.  When everyone got home from soccer, we were all exhausted so we got the boys down to bed, watched a few comedies and headed to bed for the night.

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