Friday, February 16, 2018

Keeping up with...Family (Weekly Wrap 2/9 - 2/15)

Friday (2/9) We were all up and out of the house on time again today and even though we had a day off this week, we were all dragging.  Adrian and I got AJ on the bus and then he left for work while I got the other boys ready.  I dropped them off and headed to the Y to sub a Zumba Toning and Zumba class this morning for a friend.  I had a great time with the seniors, they make my heart smile!  Then I ran out of class and headed back to the school to have lunch with Daniel for his birthday.  Two days in the cafeteria is enough for me for this school year!!
After lunch, I ran to Dollar Tree to get the 2 things that we needed for our parties this weekend then ran back to school to sub for a few hours in the afternoon.  While I was subbing, Daniel had his birthday celebration with his class and was able to walk around to give his extra cupcakes to other teachers he has had over the years.  He came to his first grade teacher's class & that's where I was subbing so I got a cupcake too!!  He was super excited to see me.
After school, we came home and I did a few things to get ready for the parties this weekend and ordered Jets pizza for dinner since both boys wanted it for their birthdays.  After dinner, our babysitter came over to stay with the boys while Adrian and I snuck out for a date night.  We had tickets to Chicago tonight.  The male lead was played by Eddie George so Adrian was super excited to see him act.  The play was just OK, not one of my favorites.  The dancing was cool and the personalities were funny, but the story and singing were lacking.  Eddie George did pretty well, he was very funny.  And the crowd was super excited every time he came out.  After the play, we came home and pretty much headed right to bed, it's been an exhausting week!
Saturday (2/10) Happy 9th Birthday Daniel!!  We started the day sleeping in a little, then I had to run and teach a Zumba class and Adrian had to coach a basketball game.  The boys went with Adrian so I could teach and then come home and finish getting ready for Daniel's party, including decorating his Minecraft cake.  We kicked butt as a family getting everything done close to an hour before the party started, yay!
At around 3pm, our 15 guests started to arrive.  The video game truck (the main attraction of the party) was late so they weren't quite set up yet so the kids played in the house for a while until it was ready.  As soon as it was up and running, most of the kids went out to play in it.  They had 12 screens and three different systems for the kids to play on.  Everyone had a blast playing Minecraft and Mario games for most of the party.  They also enjoyed lots of cake and snacks!  Daniel had a great time and got lots of very cool gifts.  He was very thankful and happy for everything.
When all the kids were picked up, we still had a little partying left to do.  My brother and his family stayed for dinner and we made Daniel's favorite, baked ziti.  Adrian actually made it and it was so good.  We were going to have ice cream cake but everyone was pretty full from everything else we ate all day so we decided to save it for another day.  Daniel asked to stay up "super late" after everyone left so we did let them stay up and play until almost 10pm.  I'm happy he had such a great birthday!!
Sunday (2/11) We slept in a little again today and were really dragging when we got up, and we still had lots to do to get ready for Zak's birthday party.  So we had to miss church again to try to be ready for the afternoon.  We got everything done and got a little time to relax as well before heading to Glow Putt for Zak's party.  We had a great time at the party playing mini golf and snacking with his friends from school and Scouts.  He was also spoiled with lots of amazing gifts from his friends.  On the way home Zak said it was his best birthday party ever. 
After the party we came home and all wanted to crash.  But we had a few things to finish up before starting our week, including some homework and our Valentine's day prep.  So we pulled it together and managed to get thru what we absolutely needed to get done.  We also went thru all of the boys' new toys and got them organized in our toy room, with only two things we need to return/exchange.  We all headed to bed early tonight to be ready for a short but busy week.

Monday (2/12) After all of the birthday celebrations, it felt good to get back to our routine today!  We all got up and out of the house on time for school and work this morning.  After I dropped everyone off at school, I headed to the Y to take a Body Pump class and then teach my Silver Sneakers class.  After those classes, I came home and did a few things around the house including making lunches for the next few days and dinner for tonight.  Soon it was time for AJ to get home and then for us to leave to pick up the other boys and head to the Y for Zumba.

After class, we came home and had a quick dinner before AJ and Adrian headed to out to Boy Scouts tonight.  Zak was also supposed to have Scouts but since his leader is sick, they decided to cancel for tonight.  I stayed home with the other boys and cleaned up the house while they played with Beyblades and magna-tiles.  When AJ got home, we got the boys to bed and then we settled in to watch some TV.  Unfortunately AJ wasn't feeling well and he got sick soon after he went to sleep.  So he spent the night in our bed with Adrian while I slept in the spare room.  Rough start to our week!

Tuesday (2/13) It was a rough night of sleeping between AJ not feeling well and Zak getting up for the day at 3:30am because he was afraid he would be attacked by a lion if he went back to sleep.  Yawn.  I got a few more hours of sleep while Adrian dealt with him for a while.  Then we all got up to start our day.  AJ missed school so it started a little later than usual.  I got Daniel and Zak to school and then headed to teach my two Silver Sneakers classes.  I'm thankful Adrian was able to work from home for the day so I could still do my scheduled day.

After my classes, I quickly changed and headed in to the school to sub for the afternoon.  It was my first repeat class and it went really well again, that's a class of great kids.  When the school day was over, I brought Daniel and Zak home to see how everything was going here.  AJ was feeling better and was able to get some of his homework done during the day.  Adrian got a lot of work done during the day and then headed to basketball practice tonight.  We had a relaxing night of watching TV and resting since we were all tired after a rough night.  We got the boys put down to bed and Adrian had a few more things to do for work.  Then we watched a comedy and headed to bed, hopeful to get a good night of sleep.

Wednesday (2/14) Happy Valentine's Day!!  Another rough night of sleep for me.  This time is was Daniel who was up around 4am for the day.  His nose is stuffed and throat is sore so he was having trouble sleeping.  We went and "rested" in the spare room together until about 5am, but they he was bored so we came downstairs.  Adrian and I got AJ up and out to school since he is thankfully feeling better today.  Daniel needed to stay home since he wasn't feeling well.  This upset Zak since it also meant that I couldn't come in for his class party.  I got him ready and dropped him off to school crying.  I was happy to hear from his teacher that he was fine when he arrived to class & did great all day today!

Daniel and I spent the day resting and relaxing.  I encouraged him to take a nap, but he never did.  We watched TV, played video games and I got a bunch of stuff done.  Soon AJ came home and then it was time to pick up Zak and head to the Y for my Zumba class.  Since Daniel was feeling better I decided to go to class instead of finding a sub.  We had a fun class and then we headed to Marco's Pizza to pick up the boys' dinner.  They had pizza in the boxes they decorated as a fundraiser for their school.  Adrian and I opted out of pizza and had chicken and risotto.  It was a late dinner because of traffic and when we finished there was a little time for homework, TV and playing before bed time.
Thursday (2/15) Finally a great night of sleep for all!  But my body wanted more and I could not get moving this morning.  Thankfully everyone got out to school and work on time.  After I got everyone else out, I headed to teach my two Silver Sneakers classes.  Then I ran to the grocery store to do my shopping for the week.  This keeps getting later each week, I like to do it on Mondays but we've had so much going on that it hasn't always been possible.  After finishing up the shopping, I headed into the school to do a short afternoon subbing assignment.  Then I picked up my boys and headed home.  After a short rest, I headed out to teach my Zumba class while Adrian hung out with the boys.  When I got home, we had delicious fish tacos for dinner and then just relaxed for the rest of the night.  We got everyone to bed on time since we knew they were tired from a long week.  I headed up early too, Adrian stayed up a little longer to watch the OSU basketball game.  It's been a long and exhausting week and I'm looking forward to a quiet 4 day weekend!!

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