Friday, January 19, 2018

Keeping up with...Family (Weekly Wrap 1/12 - 1/18)

Friday (1/12) We got up and headed out to work and school ready for a full day but knowing there was a good chance that we would get an early dismissal because of the winter storm that was headed our way.  I was subbing in the morning again so I helped get AJ and Adrian out and then I started getting myself ready.  We didn't do as good as Wednesday but we were still on time to school and all went into the class that I was subbing in.  The kids were all excited about the possible snow but I managed to wrangle them and have a productive hour while their teacher was at a meeting.  When I was done, we got the call that we'd be dismissing early so the school was crazy busy.  I ran around helping anyone I could until I had to leave an noon.  I took Daniel and Zak with me and we went to pick up AJ.

When we were all in the car, we decided to make a quick stop at Target because we have two birthday parties this weekend.  We got gifts for our friends and a mouse for the boys new laptop and headed home for the day.  Adrian was also sent home early so he could beat the ice.  I was very happy when we were all home safe and under one roof!  We spent the rest of the night just relaxing, staying warm and watching the storm progress.  We got lots of rain, ice, snow and a ton of wind all night.  After we got the boys to bed, Adrian and I opened a bottle of Cooper's Hawk Sangria and watched the last two episodes of "This is Us."  Lots of tears.  Lots of laughs.  Such a great show!!

Saturday (1/13) We woke up this morning to assess the damage from the storm.  We got a few inches of snow and some ice mixed in with it.  I had to go to work to teach a Zumba class at the Y so I got ready for that.  The roads were OK, not great but I did OK driving.  I had a great time with a small but mighty class.  The roads back home were slightly better, until I got into my neighborhood and tried to get back into my garage.  I got stuck on my way back into the garage.  Adrian moved his car and then we were able to get my car into the garage again.

The afternoon passed quickly with Adrian dealing with the snow outside and me trying to get stuff inside done.  AJ had his buddy David come over to play and I took Zak to his friend Hailey's birthday party.  We all had a good day, it was a nice mix of relaxing and being productive.  Adrian and I were able to watch most of the NFL playoff games today.  We were happy to see the Eagles win and even more happy to see a great game.  We also watched the Patriots win, although we weren't as happy about that.  I actually went to bed after the 3rd quarter when it seemed the game was pretty much over.
Sunday (1/14) After a rough night of sleep for Adrian and I (thanks Zak!), the day started too early for us.  But we got up and moving and headed to first service at church.  We heard a great message about second chances and the boys learned how to pray in their classes.  Great way to start our week!  We got home and the boys played while the adults got a few things done before our busy afternoon.  After lunch, we all got ready to head to the Y.  I took a new cycling class and then met everyone else in the pool because the boys started swimming lessons today.  Everyone did great, especially since we took the last session off.

When Daniel was done swimming, he left with Adrian for a classmate's birthday party.  They had a blast eating and playing at Dave and Busters!  They played for well over an hour after the party was over.  Daniel wants to go back there as a family one day.  While they were there, I finished up lessons with the other two and then came home to watch the end of the Steelers/Jaguars game.  I was shocked that the Jags pulled off the win and again am happy for such a great game.  After the game, I got the boys ready to head to their first night of Martial Arts.  We are trying out a free class at a church near us and AJ and Zak loved it!  AJ has been asking for a few months to take a class and we finally figured out how to make this work.  It's a great intro class and if they continue to like it, we'll look into moving someplace else eventually.  Daniel will join them in class next week.

When we all finally got home, we had meatball subs together for dinner and watched the end of the Vikings/Saints game.  Again it was a fantastic game with a super exciting finish!  I think it would be cool for the Vikings to have a home game for the Superbowl.  I also don't mind the Eagles or Jaguars going to the Superbowl.  I'm pretty much just cheering against the Patriots, LOL.  After the game, it was time to get the boys to bed.  We finished up a few things around the house and then watched a few comedies before heading to bed too.  It was a jam packed Sunday!

Monday (1/15) Since it's Martin Luther King Day, we all got to sleep in a little bit and it felt glorious!  Unfortunately, we woke up to more snow and Daniel having an upset stomach.  We are hoping with a day of rest he will be OK to go to school tomorrow.  I had to teach my Silver Sneakers class this morning so I got ready to head there a little early, just in case the roads were not great.  I had a small class, but we got in a great workout!  I came home to find a soaking went Zachary because he and Adrian played "Toilet Trouble" while I was gone.  He had a blast playing, he loves getting wet!
After lunch, AJ had a med check appointment and thankfully Adrian agreed to take him.  Everything looked good and we're keeping AJ on the same meds he's been on.  When they got home, we did a few things around the house and then I headed out for class two at the Y for the day.  The roads were much worse on this trip but again I had a great class and we had a ton of fun dancing together.  I got home safely and we were pretty tired so we decided to have leftovers for dinner.  We had a relaxing night watching TV and anticipating the phone call that school will either be delayed or closed tomorrow...again.
Tuesday (1/16) We got the call last night that the boys would have a two hour delay and then this morning they called to change it to closed for the day.  The boys were thrilled again to have a snow day.  Adrian decided to work from home after a rough night of sleep and a super messy looking commute.  He stayed home with the boys while I went to teach my two Silver Sneakers classes.  When I got home, I made everyone bundle up and head outside to shovel the driveway and sidewalk.  My goodness do we have a long sidewalk!
After we warmed up and had lunch, AJ got to work on some homework his teacher emailed while Zak and Daniel played together and I did a few things around the house.  I cooked an early dinner because Adrian had basketball practice and AJ had Cub Scouts tonight.  I did a full chicken in my Instant Pot and it was delicious!!  Adrian ate quickly and headed to practice while I fed the boys.  Then he came and picked up AJ so they could go and cut out his Pinewood Derby car.  When everyone got home, we watched some TV and headed to bed.  We didn't get a call so I'm really hoping everyone is in school all day tomorrow!

Wednesday (1/17) Everyone went to school all day today!!  I couldn't be happier.  Well I could be if I didn't have a stupid head cold.  Anyway, we got everyone up and out to work and school on time and then I ran to the grocery store to do our shopping for the week.  When I was done, I headed in to Zak's class to volunteer, but his teacher didn't have anything since they have been off their schedule too.  So I came home and got to work on my large to do list.  One of the main things I did was some food prep.  I made Ranch dressing, eggplant salad, bone broth, breadcrumbs and set up our dinner.  I also got my playlist together for a new class I'm teaching this Friday.

The day flew by and before I knew it, AJ was home and it was almost time to pick up the other boys and head to the Y for my Zumba class.  Everyone had a great day back to school and were especially excited that it was pizza day!  I made it thru my Zumba class although it was rough because of my cold.  We came home and had dinner and I finished cleaning up the mess I made in the kitchen during the day.  Adrian headed to his weekly Bible study while I hung out with the boys at home.  We watched some TV and headed to bed, it was a tiring day for all!

Thursday (1/18) Everyone got up and out on time again today.  Adrian had a doctor's appointment for his annual physical so he was home a little longer than usual in the morning which was nice.  When I got everyone off to school, I headed to teach my two Silver Sneakers classes.  We had a fun time and got a great workout!  Then I headed to the library to pick up our movie for tomorrow night's movie night before heading home for a quick lunch.  In the afternoon, I was in the boys' school subbing for a half day.  When Daniel came to my class room at the end of the day, he was super excited to show me his award from his assembly.  He made the all A honor roll again this quarter!!  We are very proud of him and how hard he is working in third grade.
After we all got home from school, we had a relaxing afternoon of hanging out and playing.  Unfortunately AJ forgot that he had homework so that made for a stressful night when he remembered and we tried to finish it up before bedtime.  He did most of his reading and agreed to get up early tomorrow to finish it and his response paper in the morning before school.  After we got the kids to bed, Adrian and I enjoyed some popcorn and TV before turning in for the night too.

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