Friday, January 20, 2017

Keeping Up With...Family (Weekly Wrap 1/13 - 1/19)

Friday (1/13) we had an extra treat because Adrian was able to use all of his comp time from the holidays to take the day off!  The boys were very excited to have him home in the morning while we were getting ready.  We didn't really plan anything special because we weren't sure until last night if he would actually be able to take the day off or not.  I took the boys to school and then went to Pure Barre for a class.  He went to a doctor's appointment, Kohl's to buy shoes and the Y to work out.

For me the best part of Adrian being home was that he picked up all three boys.  It was really nice not to have to stop what I was doing to go pick them up.  He played with Zak most of the afternoon while I got some stuff done around the house.  After he picked up AJ and Daniel, he took all three boys to soccer.  Daniel and Zak had a make up class and it was AJ's normal class.  I went to teach my Barre Connect class while they were all at soccer together.
After we all got home we had dinner and the boys watched some TV.  We were thinking of having a family movie night but the boys were exhausted and not behaving so we decided we wanted them to go to bed on time.  We have a busy day tomorrow (weather permitting) and would like everyone to get a good night of sleep.

Saturday (1/14) we were supposed to get ice overnight so we woke up not sure how our day would go.  We never got any ice and we were able to do everything we had scheduled.  I headed out early with AJ and Zak to go to Brain Balance.  I am enjoying going more because there are other moms who are there at the same time and we have fun chatting.  We're also planning a moms night out together in March so that will be fun!

While we were there, Adrian and Daniel went to basketball.  Daniel is doing really well and having a great time playing.  Unfortunately he says he doesn't want to play when they start games (next week).  We'll see what happens in a few weeks.  From basketball, they ran to the store to get a few things including a birthday gift for Daniel's friend who was having a party today.  Daniel came home and had a quick lunch then we dropped him off for the birthday party.  He had a great time there playing legos, watching The Lego Movie and having a Nerf gun war.  Plus eating hot dogs and cupcakes.

While he was at the party, Adrian and AJ headed to basketball.  AJ is struggling since he's a little behind the other kids on the team so they stayed after to work on some basic skills.  I hung out at home with Zak and chatted on the phone with my Mom and then my Aunt.  Finally around 4:00 we were all home for the night and exhausted!  We spent the rest of the night hanging out, watching TV and playing.  It was a very lazy night after a jam packed day of running around.

Sunday (1/15) started with all of us going to church together.  I volunteered again this morning so I was in Daniel's class.  I'm very proud of him participating this morning, he's normally super quiet.  I think having smaller groups is much better for him.  After church we came home and got some stuff done around the house before settling in to watch the Cowboys game.  It was so exciting but so disappointing that they lost.  At least they are set up with a great time for the future so hopefully next year they (and the Jets!) will do better!!  We finished up the night with a family video game night playing some Super Mario Brothers on the WiiU.  Excited we have another day off tomorrow!
Monday (1/16) was a holiday for all of us so we all got to sleep in and be lazy in the morning.  Adrian had a doctor's appointment so he headed there while the boys and I hung and got some things done around the house.  That's actually pretty much what our whole day was.  And we just about finished our to do list, I love it when that happens!  I was the only one who had to work, so I headed out to teach my afternoon Zumba class.  I was pleasantly surprised to come home to dinner nearly cooked.  Adrian did a great job prepping everything for our salads that night.  We finished up the holiday weekend with a quick game of "Loot" and tried to all head to bed at our normal early hour.

Tuesday (1/17) we were (sort of) back to our regular schedule.  Adrian worked from home today since we had a plumber coming to look at our clogged pipe.  He ended up taking care of multiple other things around the house as well so it was good that he was home.  Of course he didn't get his full 8 hours of work in so that wasn't so great.  Other than that it was school for the boys, Brain Balance for AJ and Zumba and barre classes for me. 

We did get to take advantage of the nicer weather and we walked home from school this afternoon.  It was SO nice to get some fresh air and stretch our legs a little.  The boys also stayed outside when we came home.  They colored with chalk in the front for a while since we were out there with the plumber and then headed to the back yard to play on the swing set.  This whole week isn't supposed to be very cold so hopefully we can walk another day too!
Wednesday (1/18) we were really back to our normal routine.  Everyone went to work, school and Zumba.  Daniel and Zak had soccer at night.  Daniel continues to do a great job in soccer, he scored a few goals tonight and had a ton of fun.  Zak is struggling with listening right now and is not playing most of the games the coaches are asking  him to play.  Tonight he didn't earn his stamps since he didn't play.  Hopefully this will motivate him to start following directions next week.
Thursday (1/19) was busy as always!  Boys went to school, Adrian to work and I went to take a Barre class and run errands.  Then Zak and I hung out in the afternoon and got dinner together.  I was very excited to use the delayed cook option on my oven.  We picked up the other 2 boys and ran to a chiropractor appointment for AJ and I.  Then came home (to a cooked dinner, yay!) and AJ and Adrian headed to basketball.  About an hour later, I ran Daniel up to the church for basketball and picked up AJ to take him to Brain Balance.  I got some nice feedback about AJ, he's doing great with his therapy there.  We finally got home and to bed at a semi-decent hour.  Thursdays are jam packed!

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