Saturday, December 31, 2016

Keeping Up With...Goals (Jan Fitness Goals)

Last year I did 40 goals for the year and while I enjoyed the challenge I honestly found it overwhelming sometimes.  I also got discouraged when I realized I couldn't hit a goal because things had changed.  So this year I'm doing monthly goals in two categories - Fitness and Family.  I'll post the goals at the beginning of the month then update them at the end of the month.  Hope you enjoy reading about them!!

My fitness goals last year were pretty good, they are easy to make and keep track of.  They are measurable (classes attended, pounds/inches lost, etc).  A lot of the goals this year will be the same from month to month.  And some will change each month.  My goal is to come up with at least five goals for every month.
I am going to pick a main goal or theme for each month of the year.  January my main fitness goal will be to learn as much about Barre classes as possible and establish my own weekly Barre class.  Since I start teaching a class on Jan 6th for the first time this goal is fairly obvious this month.

Here are my specific goals for Jan:
1.  Join Pure Barre for the month and attend a minimum of 3 classes per week (13 classes for the month)
2.  Do my baseline measurements and lose 1 inch from my body (any area & can be combined)
3.  Do my baseline weigh in and lose 2 pounds per week (8 pounds for the month)
4.  Learn 1 new Zumba song each week to bring to my classes (4 songs for the month)
5.  Log my meals for 6 days each week and be under my daily calorie goal (24 days for the month)
I think this will be a very good start to my year if I can do all of these goals.  Check back in a few days for my family goals for January and then again at the end of January for the recap of how I did with these.

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