Saturday, December 3, 2016

Keeping Up With...Family (Weekly Wrap 11/25 - 12/1)

Friday (11/25) we continued our lazy Thanksgiving break.  We did peel ourselves off the couch long enough to decorate our Christmas tree and put up all of the inside decorations.  We started on the outside ones and will finish those up this weekend.  I also did some internet Black Friday shopping for Christmas presents.  Other than that we just hung out together, watching TV, playing games and eating Thanksgiving leftovers.
Saturday (11/26) we continued our lazy Thanksgiving break.  We played video games & board games, watched the OSU/Michigan game (nearly avoiding heart attacks!) and ate more leftovers.  We finished up our day with family video game night and watching Frosty Returns.  This do nothing break has been glorious and I kind of don't want it to end!
Sunday (11/27) was our last day of our lazy Thanksgiving break.  We all got up and got dressed and actually left the house today...we all went to church together.  After church we spent the day doing all the work we should have done all week, but were too busy being lazy.  We finished putting up our outdoor decorations, got ourselves ready for the week and watched some football.  It has been an amazing 5 days of very little work and I couldn't be more content that I am right now.  But all good things must come to an end and it's back to our normal routine tomorrow.  Hoping it's not too painful!
Monday (11/28) we had to get back to our normal routine.  It was really rough to get up in the morning for all of us.  Zak had lots of tears.  Adrian got called into work before 6am.  We barely made it to school on time.  The boys all seemed to enjoy being back to school and our routine.  We were super excited that the cold temps are disappeared again and we got to walk home from school this afternoon.  Zak stopped to play in our leaf pile.
Tuesday (11/29) started early when Daniel woke up at 3am with a fever.  He was so upset that he had to miss school today.  He has been working really hard trying to get perfect attendance this quarter.  And I was supposed to be in both his & AJ's classes today as the guest reader.  Thankfully I rescheduled that for Thursday and by lunch time he seemed better.  He even walked back and forth to pick up AJ since the weather is still gorgeous.  While Daniel was relaxing this morning, he sneezed & lost another tooth!  The tooth fairy sure is busy this week!
Wednesday (11/30) was another rough morning getting out on time.  I really hate that the breaks set us so far off our routine.  And they are just going to keep coming in the next few months between holidays and snow days.  After school Zak and Daniel started their next session of soccer.  This is the first one for Daniel and he loved it!  He did great, scored 2 goals and had a fantastic time.  I'm so excited that all three boys are playing soccer this session.  We had a bit of a rough night after that because Zak got sick on the car ride home.  So there was lots of cleaning and cuddling going on.  Thankfully he seems to be OK but we'll be keeping him home from school tomorrow just in case.

Thursday (12/1) started with AJ waking up and losing a tooth!  This is the third tooth in a week in our house, this Tooth Fairy is tired!  Zak stayed home from school after last night although he seems fine.  Adrian was able to work from home in the morning so I could still go in and volunteer in the other boys' class rooms.  I read to both classes and helped AJ's teacher with a big project she is working on.  I had a great time in the school as I always do.
Then after multiple schedule changes & multiple fits by the little people who live in my house, we headed to family literacy night at AJ and Daniel's school.  It was a Winter Wonderland theme this year and they had lots of snow themed activities throughout the school.  The boys loved showing off their decorated class rooms, visiting the igloo, meeting Santa & winning a new book each.  Plus we got Krispy Kreme donuts and hot chocolate, yay!  For me, it wasn't quite as fun as Pete the Cat night last year, but the boys loved it so that's what's important.

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