Friday, December 9, 2016

Keeping Up With...Family (Weekly Wrap 12/2 - 12/8)

Friday (12/2) is kind of a blur for me.  I woke up at about 3am with a horrible stomach bug.  Thankfully Adrian was able to work from home and help me get everyone to school.  I found a sub for my Zumba class and crawled back into bed.  I spent most of the day in bed sleeping and watching Beverly Hills, 90210 reruns.  I came downstairs to spend a little bit of time with the boys and hear about their days at school.  Adrian took a break from working to bring AJ to his first soccer class of this session.  He is the only kid in his class and he did awesome.  It's like private soccer lessons for him!  And he loved it, can't wait to go back next Friday!
Saturday (12/3) was pretty much the best day ever for the boys, especially AJ and Daniel.  It started with an afternoon play date at their friends' house.  All three went over to play with Brooks, Yared & Simon.  I'm so thankfully for this family, my boys love the boys & the parents are wonderful!!  It could have been a date afternoon for Adrian and I but he had to work all day so I got stuff done around the house while he worked.  And I finished Gilmore Girls.  Those last 4 words...OMG!

After I picked them up from their play date, AJ and Daniel had a quick stop at home for a snack and a drink before heading out to Engineering for Kids for their Pokemon/Minecraft event.  They were there for two hours and able to play Pixelmon while also learning about Math and Engineering.  They had a blast and are hoping to go back again soon.  Adrian and I were supposed to have a date night after they got home from this event, but again he was still working (he literally worked over 12 hours!) so we cancelled our sitter and I had an early night.
Sunday (12/4) started with more schedule changes (this is apparently the theme for our December).  Adrian had to get up and start working right away and AJ was struck down with the stomach virus that has been going through our house.  So we skipped church, cancelled the rest of our day (we were supposed to go see "A Suessified Christmas Carole," go to Red Robin for lunch & go meet Santa) and settled in for a day of relaxing and recuperating.  We will reschedule Red Robin & Santa, but unfortunately we're going to miss the play this year.  We did some cleaning, internet Christmas shopping and finished setting up our second tree.  We also got our new stockings so we hung them by the chimney with car.  While it wasn't the day we had planned, it was still a pretty good day.

Monday (12/5) started with another sick kid.  Zak threw up overnight so he had to miss school for the day.  He actually seemed fine all day, just a little tired.  We had a relaxing day at home playing & watching TV while he recuperated. 

Tuesday (12/6) another day, another sick kid.  This time it was AJ who was hit with the stomach bug in the middle of the night.  Seriously, why do these things only hit in the middle of the night???  He missed school for the day which also cancelled my plans to be in the school all morning helping with the Holiday Shop.  He seemed better by lunch time but we made sure to relax and hydrate all day so this thing didn't linger.  Also around lunch time the bug hit Adrian.  Thankfully one that didn't hit during the night!!  It was a very rough day though because he was sick, still needed to work a bunch & I was exhausted since I was up since 3am with AJ.  I crashed hard soon after I put the boys to bed.

Wednesday (12/7) everyone is finally healthy!!  And everyone went where they needed to go today, yay!!  The boys all went to school and I taught both of my classes and had a great evaluation from the YMCA.  Adrian went to work for another marathon day.  Then in the evening, Zak had his Christmas program for preschool.  He and his classmates did such a great job!!  They were all adorable singing and dancing.  Zak was very nervous, especially since he couldn't find us in the audience.  He didn't sing too much, but he did all the hand movements.  We were very proud of him!!
Thursday (12/8) was another normal day, although I am feeling like I have a head cold.  I'm ignoring it and hoping it goes away.  Zak got to enjoy a pajama and movie day at school today and he was so excited to wear his pajamas to school.  I ran a ton of errands while the boys were at school and am almost done my Christmas shopping, yay.  Tonight AJ and Daniel kicked off their basketball season with Crossover Basketball evaluations.  They both said they had a great time, although neither one made a basket.  Adrian was supposed to be there as well but he ended up working for nearly 24 hours straight.  I'm glad this General Assembly is over tonight, but I know he still has a lot of work to do!

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