Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Rest of Summer - Part 1

So I've already told you about our trips downtown, to the zoo and the fair this summer.  Those were our big events, but in between them we did a bunch of other things.  This blog is going to be more of a photo dump of the other events.

We went to Zoombeezi Bay with the family and had a blast riding the slides, playing in the wave pool and riding the lazy river.  I didn't get many pictures since we were in the water the whole time, but here's one of Daniel in between rides.
We went to the dam park (Alum Creek Under Dam Park is the real name, but it's way more fun to say dam park!)  We played on the play ground for a while then headed up the stairs to walk around the dam for a while.  Uncle Tom and I ended up walking close to 4 miles...and wanted to keep going but felt bad that everyone else was waiting for us back at the play ground.
Zak and Daniel playing on the slide
AJ loves climbing on this structure
Alexandra & Daniel "racing" down the slide
Jones family on the see saw
The whole group of us on a walk at the top of the dam.  Such a beautiful area!
 We ate a ton of good food!!
Homemade pizza!

Thurman burger!
Lots of ice cream - both Jeni's & Graeter's
Steak & Shake!
Pork Roll!  It's what's for breakfast!
Carl & I cooked a ton of amazing food.  Here is one of the meals I did, it was an Italian night.
Home Made Buckeyes!!  Delicious!
This post is getting kind of long, so I'm going to end it there for today and do part 2 of the photo dump tomorrow.  Check back to see what else we did!

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