Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Daniel's First Day of School

Daniel started school on Wednesday Sept 28th this year.  He is going to the same preschool he went to last year, only change is that he will go three days (Mon/Weds/Fri) instead of two.  He even has the same teachers as last year, they just switched places and the aide from last year is the teacher & the teacher from last year is the aide.  This made the start of school pretty easy for all of us this year.

We went in Monday night to "meet" the teachers, see the classroom and hear about the changes for this year.  Daniel goes to Eastpointe Christian Church and they are a very new preschool, this is only their second year, so there are a few changes from last year.  For me, the most exciting one is that they are now having an express drop off.  I just pull up, open the door & let Daniel out.  Brilliant!  I don't have to lug everyone out of the car!
Daniel at Meet the Teacher night
 Wednesday morning arrived and we had to get up at 7:30 and out the door by 8:30 for the first time.  Yikes!  We somehow did it and arrived on time.  Daniel went right in, found his name on the circle time mat and was ready to go.  I headed out to drop AJ at school and teach my Zumba class.  No tears from either of us!  Victory!!
Ready for preschool year 2!
Ready for circle time
I went back at 11:30 to pick him up and the teacher told me he had a really great day and that he was a great example for the new kids.  He told me on the way home all about his day and how much fun he had.  He was also super excited that since it was also Mouse's first day of school (a book they read) that Mouse had left a treat in his book bag...
A note & cookie from Mouse
Daniel really enjoyed his first day and went back on Friday just as excited.  When I asked him what his favorite part of school is he said "everything!!"  This is such a change from about a month ago when he was insisting he wasn't going to school at all this year.  Here's hoping it continues to be this good all year.

I also got a few crafts from Daniel's first day of school.  I love that both boys did hand print projects for their first day of school.
Daniel loves blue!!
First day of school hand print
Daniel's homework.  I He did a great job!

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