Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Zoo Trips

So instead of doing separate updates for the kids this month, I'm going to do a few posts on what we've been doing the months of July & August, some of which will be photo dumps & some will have an actual post.  I haven't been blogging much because we have been SO busy having fun!  The month of June was just OK for us, mostly because Adrian was on call the whole month & we never knew when he was going to have to work.  But July & August so far have been amazing.

July started with Adrian getting a 5 day weekend  over the 4th of July.  Since the boys had been asking to go to the zoo we decided to do that on Wednesday.  The weather was perfect, partly cloudy & not too hot.  The zoo wasn't very crowded & we got to do everything we wanted.  We decided to buy the "Zoo It All" wristbands which allowed us to do everything.

We started at Dinosaur Island, which is really just the same boat ride we've always had but with some cool dinos to look at.  The boys loved it!  Then we left the zoo itself and headed out to Jungle Jack's Landing to ride the rides out there.  We rode for about an hour & a half & then took a break for the lunch we packed.  After lunch we went to Stingray Bay & loved touching the sting rays!!  Then we ended the day back at Jungle Jack's Landing & rode rides for over 2 hours.  It was such a perfect day!!  I took a ton of pictures, but somehow they were all deleted from my phone.  Here are a few from Adrian's phone:
AJ & Daniel being goof balls!
Daniel loves to pose with all the animals
AJ on the manatee
AJ & I on a ride...this was so much fun!
Frog Hopper - always a favorite!
Dinosaur Island!!
Then in mid-July my uncle & two cousins came to visit & we decided to spend another day at the zoo.  We did a very similar day to our July 3rd family day, except we actually saw some animals on this trip.  We again started at Dinosaur Island, then did the animals in Asia & then headed to Jungle Jack's.  It was another super fun day!!  Here are some of those pictures:
Zachary was obsessed with this dino on the way to the ride!

T-Rex!!  Arg!!
AJ & Zak touching sting rays
AJ & I on the log flume, his favorite ride!
Daniel & I having a blast on the scrambler
Uncle Tom, AJ & I on the roller coaster.  This was my first time, it was so fun!  We rode it twice in a row.

We love our local zoo & are so glad to be members & go multiple times each year.  This was the first time we've done the rides & since everyone had such a blast, we may upgrade our membership soon to include both these rides & the water park.  We'll see how finances look next May.

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