Saturday, August 31, 2013

Lady Tutu Race Recap

So back in April I saw an advertisement for an all women's 5K in Gahanna called Lady Tutu.  It encouraged you to wear tutus, tiaras and boas.  I was all in!  I really want to do the Disney Princess Half Marathon and one day I will, but that day is not today.  So I was going to sign up for what seemed like the next best thing.

When I went to the race page to sign up, I saw they were looking for Ambassadors.  I read what they were looking for and thought I might be a good fit.  I sent an email in with my weight loss story and got an email back a few days later saying I was "exactly what they were looking for in an Ambassador."  Yay!

I was compensated with a race entry & a free tutu to help publicize the event.  All of the opinions in this post are my own.

So I spent the last 4 months harassing encouraging my friends to sign up for the race.  The morning arrived and I had a team of about 10 women ready to race.  I picked up my tutu, donned my tiara and I was ready to go.
I made the tiara work with my headband.  This is the tiara I wore for my wedding as well.
The start line had a really nice set up.  There were about 10 tents/tables from all the different event sponsors.  Most had free samples & info to give out.  There were also a lot of women and a lot of tutus.  I loved seeing everyone "dressed up" for the race.

Before our 5K they had the little princess dash.  A few of my friends' daughters ran in this race.  It was really cute to see all the little girls running.  Most of them were decked out in tutus.  A few were dressed to match their moms.  My favorite runner (other than my friends' kids) was the baby who was just learned to walk.  Her Mom helped her walk the whole distance.  It was a precious moment.

When the little princesses had all crossed the finish line, it was time for us to line up for our race.  My team headed to the start line together & we were off.  We split up a little since some of the ladies were going faster than others.  I was nursing a knee injury and decided to hang back and stay with 3 friends who were all completing their first ever race.
Tutu Shadows
 The race was very well run.  We were off ontime, the course was well marked and the volunteers were great.  The course went through one of my favorite areas to walk, Creekside in Gahanna.  It is a beautiful trail that is a little challenging because it has a few hills.  It was an out & back and at the turnaround they had a water stop set up.  The four of us who were walking together were chatting away and before I knew it, we were back on Mill St heading for the finish line where the rest of the team was waiting.
Crossing the finish line (Photo courtesy of Karousel Photography)
I loved everything about this race!  The place, the women, the tutus, the sponsors, the finish line snacks (Cheezits, Doritos & bananas - yum!), the shirt, the medal, and I could go on & on.  I don't remember my exact time, it was just over an hour, but it doesn't matter to me.  I decided during the week to not worry about my time, just have fun, be with friends & encourage those who thought they couldn't finish.  I hope Speedy Sneakers decides to do this race again, I will be there if they do!  Hope you can join me!!

Team Jonesen' Ladies!  (Photo courtesy of Karousel Photography)
My medal & my tiara

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