Friday, September 13, 2013

Zachary - 19 months

Since I did back to school blogs for AJ and Daniel, I figured I'd do a quick updated on Zachary too since I'm trying to get back to the pattern of blogging once a month for each kid. 

Zak had his 18 month appointment the other day (we were too busy in Aug to get there, oops!) and the doctor was very pleased with him.  He is growing like a weed, he is 29 lbs 13 ozs (90%) and 33 1/4 inches long (88%).  He has hit all the milestones he should have by this age and is pretty advanced for a lot of the things (because he has 2 role models to teach him).  The only thing we have to work on is weaning him off the bottle.  I know I need to do it, but he won't take milk any other way & I still feel like he needs the milk.  We are down to only 2-3 bottles (one for nap, one for bed time & sometimes one in the middle of the night if he wakes up).

The big thing I am noticing and loving about Zak at this age is that he is talking a ton!  He says probalby 50-60 words, and is starting to use sentences as well.  He understands the back and forth of conversation and can answer your questions.  It's also great that he's using "hungry" and "juice" to tell me what he wants instead of just screaming & crying.  AJ & Daniel are loving trying to teach Zak new words.

Other than his verbal skills, Zak is also working on his gross motor skills.  He has now totally mastered the stairs, both up & down.  He also climbs on everything and is learning how to jump with both feet.  He loves playing outside and can kick a ball, throw a ball & hit off a tee already.  He loves swinging and has started to get brave and try the big kid swings.

One other milestone that Zak hit...really we hit as a family...the high chair is gone.  We noticed he was getting upset sitting in it and preferred to eat sitting on the kitchen table.  Since we didn't love that, we set up the booster seat to see how he liked that and he loved it.  I'm sad to see the high chair go, but happy to get the extra space back in my kitchen!  We also got rid of the jumperoo recently, I feel like I have a bigger house now!!

Here are a few pictures of Zak over the past month or so:
Big boy at the table!
Measuring up at Lynd's Farm
First time in a bounce house
Zak loved peach picking!  The trees were the perfect height for him

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