Saturday, August 17, 2013

Downtown Columbus

In addition to our trips to the zoo, we have also made a few trips to downtown Columbus this summer.

We are very lucky that Columbus has a few kid friendly areas, the fountains at Bicentennial Park and Columbus Commons.  We hit up both places on two different occasions.  They are walking distance from each other so we made a day of it and did both places.

The first time we went with my uncle and cousins.  It was a Thursday afternoon so the Commons had their weekly food trucks at lunch time.  Adrian walked down from his office & met us for lunch.  We got a variety of food, all of it delicious.  The only problem was the trucks were running out of food.  It was the first nice Thurs we had in a while, so I'm sure all the people who work downtown were anxious to get out & get some grub at lunch time.  We made the best of it & had a good time.  After we ate, we walked about 4 blocks & played in the fountains for a while.  Then we walked back (uphill - that's fun with a wagon & a stroller!) and enjoyed some yummy Jeni's ice cream before heading home.

The second trip was with my brothers, sister in law, nieces & mom about a week later.  The food trucks weren't there, so we got there a little earlier and hit the fountains first.  It was a little cold & the boys weren't really feeling the water play this day, but they still had a good time running around with their cousins.  Then we headed back up to the Commons where they were having their weekly "Commons for Kids" event.  The boys played on the inflatables, with the life size chess pieces & rode the carousel.  We got a quick lunch from Mickey's Late Night Slice & some more Jeni's ice cream.  Another fun day!!

Here are some of the pictures from our trips:
Zak & Daniel playing in the puddles during break...they freaked out when the water came back on
Uncle Carl pulling the babies around in the water
Zak testing out the water...he was not a fan!
The whole crew during our first trip
AJ, Daniel & I drying off after fountain fun
Jeni's chocolate ice cream - yum!
Zak on Nemo & Daniel on the Frog Prince

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