Thursday, March 7, 2013

AJ Update

So it's been two months since I did an update on any of the kids because February flew by in a flurry of activity, mostly celebrating the kids.  I sat down to do this update of AJ over the weekend, then remembered I had his parent teacher conference on Tuesday so I decided to wait until after that.

I'll start with the conference...AJ is doing really well in kindergarten.  His teacher said she is really impressed with how smart he is, especially in math & that he is such a sweetheart.  She also said that since I came in to volunteer about a month ago, AJ has been more outgoing.  He has started playing with the other kids more often which is great news!  He's also doing a very good job with his friendship group that is run by the guidance counselor.  He has a few areas he has to work on, mainly writing & reading comprehension.  His teacher said a lot of the kids are regressing with writing because they are now focusing on writing full words, not just forming the letters & that this is normal for their age.  It's just something for us to work on with him.  I also got a good report on my first time volunteering, she said she loved seeing how I interacted with the kids.  I'm on the schedule again next week & I can't wait!!

AJ has also really been excelling in soccer & gymnastics.  He is top of the class in gymnastics, of course he is also the oldest, but we won't dwell on that.  In soccer his skills have really developed in the past few months.  He is really good at defense & likes trying to steal the ball away from me & other kids.  He will be starting t-ball this spring & is so excited for that!

AJ has kept us laughing over the past few months too.  He's had some really good one liners:

"We had an ice day today Dad!  I think it was because they had to bring all the ice in for the Disney show this weekend." - when explaining why he didn't go to school last Fri

"Hi Nana!  How are you?  How was your trip?  Was it good?" - when my Mom got back from a night at Carl & Sarah's house

"Oh, did you give her some speed power?" - in response to Adrian saying he was getting me up to speed on something

"Wow Mom, you're awesome!" - in response to me explaining what I did at the gym one morning (yeah, that isn't really funny, I just like that he said it :)

Finally, a few pictures of his month:
Dressed for school one day - he loves this hat!
Superhero AJ - fundraising for kids with cancer

With his glasses from Daniel & Zachary's birthday party
AJ celebrated 100 days in school in February!  He did numerous activities around the number 100 including this color by picture and then add all the pictures.

Enjoying some time with Nana

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