Monday, March 18, 2013

100 Mile March - Week 2

I had a pretty awesome work out week this past week!  Once I got over the stomach bug that hit last week, I did at least 90 minutes of exercise every day & made up some miles for the 100 mile March.  I am exactly where I need to be mileage wise to finish it up this month.

On Sunday, I did a virtual St. Patrick's Day race for my 4th race of the year.  I actually signed up for 2 virtual races that day, one 5K & one 10K.  I did the 10K & split the time to count for the 5K as well.  My plan was to get up early Sun morning, go walk with my walking club for about 4 miles, then meet up at Blacklick Woods to catch up with my friend Erica.  But the baby had a horrible night of sleep so I decided to skip the alarm & just meet Erica. 

I walked the first 2.5 miles with her & it flew by!  We started chatting & walking & before I knew it, we were back to where we parked.  She left to get on with her day & I started out on the other way on the trail.  I did the loop & got back to where I parked again & had just under 6 miles.  So I walked around the parking lot & that got me to just over 6.2.  It took 1 hour & 43 minutes for the 10K.  Not my best pace, but I am very happy with it.  I will be more than ready for the 1/4 in about 6 weeks.

Dressed in the only green I have - Go Jets!!
Here is a recap of the workouts I did this week:
Monday - rest day (still recovering from stomach bug)
Tuesday - 60 minute Zumba class, 2.5 miles walking
Wednesday - 50 minute Zumba class, 5.3 miles walking
Thursday - 60 minute Kick Boxing class, 4.1 miles walking
Friday -  50 minute Zumba class, 4 miles walking
Saturday - 50 minute Zumba class, 3 miles walking
Sunday - 6.2 miles walking (10K virtual race)

Total miles this week - 25.1
Total miles this month - 54.7

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