Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thankful Thursday - Birthday Parties

OK, so I'm cheating a little because since I've been having so much fun celebrating 2 of the 3 boys' birthdays, I didn't do a blog for any of the boys this month.  I decided instead of trying to do them now, I'll just wait 2 weeks & do their updates next month & just give you a quick glimpse into their past month.

Today I'm thankful for the fact that we were able to celebrate their birthdays with 5 different parties!  We had a birthday for both Zak & Daniel on the 7th with our lunch bunch friends, one on the 8th for Zak's first birthday, one on the 9th for both boys with our friends, one on the 10th for Daniel's 4th birthday and one on the 16th for Zak & Isabelle's first birthdays.

I'm thankful that we have so many amazing people in our lives who love our boys so much that they wanted to celebrate with them.  And I'm thankful with how generous they all are, they both love all their new toys, towels & pajamas!

Finally, I'm thankful my parents were able to come up this past weekend to celebrate Zak's first birthday.  They have been at all 3 of my boys' first birthday parties.  That is very special for me and for them.

Here are some picture highlights of the parties:

Zak's gift from us - he loves bouncing!
Zak's cupcake on his birthday

AJ & Daniel working on the birthday cake for the party
Daniel loves Killer Croc from Batman!
Daniel's Oreo cake
Zak & Isabelle's first birthday!
I love their expressions!

Cake face!
All the friends who came to our birthday party!

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