Monday, February 4, 2013

1/2 Marathon Training - Week 4 & Race Recap

This week I've been dealing with sickness and weather and sickness and weather, repeat infinity.  Yeah, it's been that kind of week here.  But I still managed to get in a workout every day, yay!  I also started 2 daily challenges for the month of February to work on my core strength.

On Sunday I met my friend Tammy to do my second race in the 13 in 2013 challenge.  I did the virtual "Tackle the Miles" race and this also satisfied my "5 by the 5th Virtual Race" for February.
The Bib
I decided to keep it at a 5K again this month since I'm still building up my miles.  Next month I think I will move up to a 5 mile race. 

Bundled up in my Jets stuff ready to "Tackle the Miles!"
 Tammy & I met at one of our local parks that has a 4 mile loop.  We were going to go out about 1.5 miles, then come back but decided to just do the whole 4 mile loop but stop at 3.1 for the official race.  We got to the park & it was lightly snowing, had been for about 24 hours.  I was questioning my sanity again but I got out & did it.

This was my first walk in snow & it was different.  I could feel that I was using different muscles to make sure I didn't fall.  My thighs were  are still burning from the walk.  The trial wasn't cleared, but it also wasn't very icy so it was actually a pretty nice walk.

Tammy & I kept a nice pace & had a great conversation, as always.  We got to 3.1 miles & were right at the sledding hill.  It took us 53:01.  That's about 2 mins slower than our last race time, however for the snowy conditions I think we did fantastic!  We are planning to meet up again in mid-March to celebrate that we are both March babies with another walk.
A picture of the trail as we were walking.

Here's how the rest of my week's workouts went:
Monday, 1/28 - 60 minute Total Body Conditioning Class, 40 minute Zumba class
Tuesday, 1/29 - 25 minute Wii Workout (semi-rest day)
Wednesday, 1/30 - 40 minute Zumba class
Thursday, 1/31 - 30 minute Zumba class, 60 minute Kickboxing class
Friday, 2/1 - 60 minute Zumba class, 100 ab reps, 3 planks
Saturday, 2/2 - 50 minute Zumba class, 10 minutes on elliptical, 20 minutes on bike, 100 ab reps, 3 planks
Sunday, 2/3 - 4 mile walk (1:06), 100 ab reps, 3 planks

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  1. Wow, impressive workout week! Yes, I definitely think that's a great time for walking in snow. Thanks for participating!