Monday, February 11, 2013

1/2 Marathon Training Week 5

Yeah, this wasn't a good week.  Some of it was my fault, some was out of my control.  Teachers didn't show up for classes.  Dirty diapers had me called out early.  Birthdays lead to too much celebrating, not enough exercising.  I even skipped my long walk on Sunday, just didn't feel like getting up & moving.  I'm hoping this is the worst week I have in this 16 week training series.  I'm also hoping planning to have a much better week this week.

The good news of this past week is that I kept up with my 2 strength challenges.  I did at least one plank every day this past week & even held my longest plank of 1:10!  I also did 100 ab reps Mon-Thurs & then moved up to 120 ab reps for Fri-Sun.  I'm loving these 2 challenges together.  I'm already seeing my core muscles get stronger, yay!

Here are the workouts that I did get done this week:

Monday, 2/4 - 60 minute TBC class (the teacher didn't show up but the 10 of us who were there ran the class anyway), 10 minutes on elliptical, 10 minutes on bike.  Missed yoga & Zumba in the evening due to snow.
Tuesday, 2/5 -30 minutes of Zumba (called out due to dirty diaper), 10 minutes on elliptical, 10 minutes on bike
Wednesday, 2/6 - 60 minutes of Zumba in the morning, 40 minutes of Zumba in the evening, 40 minutes of yoga
Thursday, 2/7 - 30 minutes of Zumba (had to miss kick boxing due to a dirty diaper & no new ones in the diaper bag)
Friday, 2/8 - 15 minutes on elliptical, 20 minutes on bike (Zumba teacher didn't show so I did this instead, it sucked!)
Saturday, 2/9 - planned rest day (birthday party!)
Sunday, 2/10 - unplanned rest day :(

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