Sunday, October 30, 2016

Keeping Up With...Family (Weekly Wrap 10/21 - 10/27)

Friday (10/21) started very early for me when the power went out and Daniel came in scared because of the dark.  I finally got settled with him in the spare bedroom and dozed off to be woken up by our Superintendent to tell me that the power was also out at the school and we were on a 2 hour delay.  Yawn!  The delay messed up my whole morning flow but I still managed to get everyone to school and get some stuff done.

After everyone was done with school and work for the day we headed to another school in our district for their Trunk or Treat event.  It was a fun night seeing lots of friends and teachers that we know.  The stations weren't really very decorated but it was still nice to be outside walking around (in past years it has been inside).  The boys had fun and were very excited about their full buckets of candy that we brought home!
Saturday (10/22) was a very full day!  We started with our normal Saturday schedule of Zumba, Brain Balance and soccer.  Then we met at home for lunch and regrouped for a day of Halloween fun.  First we headed out to Gahanna's Creepside event.  It was fun, if a little crowded.  We got a ton of candy and the boys had fun walking around.  They also got to play some Pokemon Go which was fun for them.

After that we headed over the Stoneybrook church for their Trunk or Treat event.  We do it every year and always have a good time.  There didn't seem to be as many "trunks" this year as past years, but the ones they had were really good.  Some of our favorites were Snow White, Minions & Candy Land.  We enjoyed hot dogs and popcorn there for "dinner" and the boys also got to jump in a giant pumpkin bounce house.  We finished up playing on their pretty cool play ground.
We finished our day at the Jefferson Township Halloween party at a local park.  The boys got treat bags and firefighter hats there.  We went on a family hayride around the park and then we headed into the haunted forest.  AJ got scared right at the beginning of the trail so he and I turned around and did the not spooky side of the trail.  The other boys made it thru the whole haunted trail with Dad and said it was awesome!  It was a very fun (and exhausting) day for all of us!

Sunday (10/23) was a recovery day for us.  We slept in, went to church and then tried to get as much done around the house as we could.  AJ had a birthday party for a good chunk of the day where he enjoyed some Jedi training, eating pizza & cake and playing with friends from his class. 

Monday (10/24) started with another change in our schedule when Zak's school was cancelled due to no subs being available to cover class.  So he came with me to run errands, go to the chiropractor and go to a Barre class.  We went to his friend's house for his weekly play date in the afternoon, then ran back to the chiropractor for AJ and Adrian to have appointments in the evening.  Busy day with lots of running for all of us!
Tuesday (10/25) we finally had a normal day of school after two days of changes!  Everyone went to school and work in the morning, then Zak and I headed across town to get everything AJ and Daniel needed for their Cub Scouts uniforms.  Then we came home and had a fun afternoon of board games and Peppa Pig's Halloween special.  AJ and Daniel had their second Cub Scout meeting of the year and are both really excited about being involved this year.  I am very happy this is working out better than it has in our past two attempts.
Wednesday (10/26) was a pretty typical day here with school and work for everyone.  We had been planning on going to a trunk or treat at one of our local churches, but we were all pretty tired and just didn't feel like it.  Daniel had his awards assembly for the first quarter of the school year and he earned an award for being "Responsible, Respectful & Safe" in school.  He was so excited to get this award and we are all very proud of him!!
hursday (10/27) was another typical day for us.  We went to work and school and Brain Balance.  It was the calm before the storm of the upcoming Halloween weekend.  We made sure AJ's homework was done and that we were ready for the busy weekend.  Zak helped me a lot in the afternoon cleaning up around the house and putting away a bunch of laundry.  I've turned it into a game and then reward him with some TV time (while I continue working). 

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