Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Keeping Up With...Family (Weekly Wrap 10/14 - 10/20 - Part 2)

Our camping trip was so much fun that it was a lot of writing to recap it.  I did part 1 yesterday complete with a photo dump of the weekend.  Here is part two of our week.

Sunday (10/16) was pack up day to head back to reality.  The boys woke up and once again headed right back on to the play ground.  Adrian and I worked on packing up our stuff.  Then I took the boys to the jump pads and to play mini golf while he finished packing us up.  We finished up with letting the boys "mine" for minerals and then hit the road for home.
We got home in the early afternoon and I immediately started on laundry.  Adrian watched last night's OSU game since he didn't get to at the camp ground.  The boys headed to AJ's friend Brooks' birthday party at Lazer Craze.  They had a fun time playing laser tag and video games and also eating cake and pizza.  Adrian and I finished up the night with takeout from Piada and the Cowboys game.  What a fantastic fall weekend!!

Monday (10/17) was a super rough day getting back to reality!  No one wanted to get up for work/school this morning.  I finally got everyone where they needed to be.  Zak had a rough day at school, including laying down during center time.  Then later he fell asleep in the car ride to the YMCA.  We mostly took it easy, just did what needed to be done.

Tuesday (10/18) was slightly better than yesterday but everyone is still dragging.  After our normal day of work and school, Adrian took AJ to Brain Balance and I took the other two boys to Meijer.  Daniel's pumpkin that he picked a few weeks ago started to rot and we needed to throw it out.  His new winter hat also broke on our camping trip.  So I took him to replace both of those things and pick up a few things we needed for the house.  It was an interesting trip since Zak left the house with no shoes on!  Thankfully I put him in a cart and we were in and out pretty quickly.
Wednesday (10/19) we finally started to find our groove again!  We got out in plenty of time for everyone to get to school.  I went in to volunteer in Daniel's class and did sight words with nearly his whole class.  I love being in there!  We had a rare night with nothing going on for the boys and we enjoyed our time off.  Adrian was able to get out and golf since the weather is so great this week!  

Thursday (10/20) was a fairly typical day for us with work, school and Brain Balance.  This was the worst day for us this school year so far getting out in the morning and AJ and Daniel were technically late to school.  Thankfully express was running late and we still made drop off.  After a busy day of running, we finished up with our traditional family viewing of "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown."

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