Saturday, August 27, 2016

Keeping Up With...Family (Weekly Wrap 8/19 - 8/25)

Friday (8/19) Zak and I dropped the older boys off to school and then we had a date day!  We headed to Zoombeezi Bay for the last weekday that they are open for this season.  We spent about 3 hours there between Tiny Tides (the kids area), the Lazy River and the wave pool.  We had a lot of fun there together!!  Then we had to race home to pick the older boys up from school, get everyone dinner and head back out to baseball practice.  I was so tired after that (plus PiYo & Zumba at the gym) I was asleep by 10:30!

Saturday (8/20) we decided to head out to Utica to continue our family tradition of picking apples and peaches at Legend Hills Orchard.  We picked two pecks of peaches and one bag of Gala apples.  We also enjoyed a few in the field.  Then we headed up the road to Ye Old Mill Inn for some Velvet ice cream.  Daniel & Zak enjoyed chocolate while the rest of us got the Buckeye Classic.  It was SO good!  We played at their playground for a little bit before heading home.  Very fun family day in Utica!

Sunday (8/21) was a crazy busy day, not how we like to spend our Sundays.  We went to church in the morning then I stayed for second service to volunteer in childcare.  After that Adrian took the boys to start in their new session of swimming lessons at the Y.  They did a great job, and both of them jumped off the high board finally!  I skipped swimming to stay home and get a few things done before I headed to the Y for Dance Mania and then a group fitness meeting.  It was a crazy day, but thankfully we still managed to get some of our stuff done & get ready for a busy week.

Monday (8/22) was the start to a more structured schedule for us.  Zak and I dropped the big boys off at school and headed out for our usual Mon stops - Aldi & the gym.  We also had a fun play date in the afternoon for him and one of his friends.  Finally, in the evening Adrian took Zak to meet his preschool teacher for this year.  He is very excited to start school on Weds!!  I took AJ & Daniel with me to the gym & they enjoyed some (rare) video game time while I taught.

Tuesday (8/23) was Zak's last day off before starting preschool.  I was planning to go to the gym and run a few errands but he really wanted to stay home and watch video games so that is what we did.  I got a bunch of stuff done around the house while he watched TV.  AJ and Daniel also had dentist appointments in the afternoon.  They are both cavity free although Daniel had a lot of tartar build up.  They gave us "tooth timers" to make sure we are brushing long enough (we probably we not).

Wednesday (8/24) was Zak's first day of preschool!!  He was a little hesitant this morning, but he did great.  I successfully got everyone to school ontime and celebrated with a solo trip to Meijer!!  I also had an interview at a new gym teaching Silver Sneakers.  When I picked Zak up I could see he was exhausted.  So we mostly relaxed the rest of the day.  AJ and Daniel continue to have great days at school!  They are loving only having reading as nightly homework.  Tonight they had baseball practice which they just got in before it started raining.  They're excited to start games this weekend!
Thursday (8/25) started with a change in schedule when we got a call (well, text) that Zak's school was closed for the day due to the power being out at church.  There were bad storms over night (which I slept thru!) which knocked out the power.  Zak was bummed not to have school, as were the other boys who were bummed that their school didn't have a power outage.  So Zak enjoyed some extra time with me running errands and going to the gym.

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