Saturday, August 20, 2016

Keeping Up With...Family (Weekly Wrap 8/12 - 8/18)

Friday (8/12) started out very rough.  We were late leaving the house, forgot multiple things (including AJ's crocs) and no one wanted to do anything.  Compounding this rough start was the heat, it felt like over 100 degrees and was very humid!  We had planned to go to the pool with friends but decided to spend most of the day inside playing and catching up on some stuff.  In the evening we had another baseball practice which was hot!!  But the boys were troopers and they did great.  Their coach is really working with both of them on improving their hitting this season.  We're all excited to get back into baseball!
Saturday (8/13) & Sunday (8/14) were what I call a "work weekend."  We had a bunch of stuff to do to catch up on stuff from vacation, get ready for school and fall sports and just our normal weekly and monthly upkeep.  Adrian & I pretty much worked all weekend while the kids entertained themselves by watching the Olympics, playing with cars & playing video games.  We did have a family movie night on Saturday to watch "Back to the Future" together.  And Daniel also got to go to a birthday party for a friend.  Not the most fun weekend but definitely needed!

Monday (8/15) was our unofficial last day of summer vacation.  I had planned to do Zoombeezi Bay with the boys but the weather was not good.  We decided to run some fun errands instead.  We headed to Easton to get our free books from Barnes & Noble for their summer reading program.  Then we went to Sbarro for lunch (coupon from the library summer reading program) and Cheryl's cookies for dessert (another coupon).  Then we headed over to Half Price books to get more books from their summer reading program.  It wasn't the super fun day I had planned but we made the most of a rainy dreary day!

Tuesday (8/16) was the official last day of summer vacation for us and it was spent getting to appointments.  AJ had a GI doctor and a chiropractor appointment in the morning.  Then in the afternoon we headed to school to meet AJ's and Daniel's teachers for this school year.  I also volunteered for the PTO during the event.  And that evening AJ had another appointment at Brain Balance.  In between all of that, we got ready for our first day of school, enjoyed extra screen time and had tacos for dinner!

Wednesday (8/17) was the first day of school for AJ & Daniel!!  They were so excited to get up and out this morning.  They both have great teachers this year and I know it will be an awesome year.  They had a great first day including pizza for lunch, art for Daniel, gym for AJ and both have friends they know in their class.  Zak and I spent the day hanging around the house playing, watching TV and trying to get caught up and get a handle on things.  He also had a play date with a friend this morning so I could go into school to help out.

Thursday (8/18) Zak had another play date at his friend's house in the morning so I could help in the school again.  It was so cute to see the kindergarteners coming to school for their first day.  I only saw a few in tears, not too bad.  I'm so thankful I am able to help out and that I have friends who will help with Zak!  After that Zak and I were going to do something fun, but it was raining so we decided to just come home and try to get control of the crazy that is our house currently.  It didn't go great, but we're getting there!  Hopefully in the next 2 weeks we will find our routine and I will catch up and stay caught up...until the next disaster!

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