Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Keeping Up With...Family (Weekly Wrap 5/20 - 5/26)

Last year I recapped each week of our summer vacation.  I decided I wanted to do that again this summer, and possibly beyond.  I feel like I've gotten away from writing about my family so this will give me an opportunity to refocus on that.  I'll try to do the recap every Friday and it will be last Friday to this Thursday...although some weeks it probably won't get done until the weekend.

Friday (5/20) was a fairly normal day for us.  Adrian went to work and AJ and Daniel went to school.  Zak and I headed to the YMCA so I could teach my class and then ran errands after that.  We spent the afternoon hanging out at home until everyone else got home.  After school, Daniel and Zak were determined to play in the sprinkler in the yard, even though it wasn't very warm.  They had a blast.  That night AJ & Daniel played a baseball game which was close but they ended up losing.  Daniel got a force out at 2nd base (his first out on defense - yay!) and AJ got 2 hits.

Saturday (5/21) was the day that went completely haywire.  I got to Zumba class that morning and didn't have my music player so I had to try to recreate my playlist from memory and my Amazon cloud.  Then I was late getting the Y for the spinning class Adrian & I were going to take together so I missed out on that.  The boys baseball game for that afternoon was rained out and rescheduled for a time we can not make it.  And finally Adrian & I were supposed to go see "Dirty Dancing - The Musical" but neither of us felt like going and sitting through a play.  So we decided to ditch our tickets & go car shopping instead.  We actually had a fun time test driving cars, then went out for dessert and got home fairly early.  Even though the whole day didn't go as planned, it worked out alright in the end.

Sunday (5/22) we tried to get as much done around the house as we could and then we had my brother, sister in law and niece over for homemade pizza for dinner.  It had been over 3 months since we had seen them between sickness, busy schedules and life in general.  It was so nice to catch up with them and just relax with family.  It's also so fun to watch my boys interact with their cousin!

Monday (5/23) Adrian worked from home so that I could go on AJ's field trip with him.  We had so much fun learning about Flint Ridge Park.  We went on a nature walk, learned all about how Native Americans found flint and how they used it for various things.  We also got to do some of the things that Native Americans did including napping flint using a special tool, drilling a hole in a shell with a hand drill to make a necklace and throwing spears to try to hit a deer for dinner.  It was so nice to have a day with AJ and see him with his classmates.  Here are some of our pictures from that day:

AJ & his buddy Brooks
AJ "napping" slate
The drill we used to drill holes in shells - it was like a pump & my arm was sore after helping 2 kids

AJ & his teacher making his necklace
Me throwing a spear with a tool made from flint

Tuesday (5/24) was a pretty standard day.  The boys went to school and I taught my Silver Sneakers class.  Adrian was off for his grandmother's funeral and took some time to finish up car shopping.  The boys had baseball that night where they got destroyed by the other team, but took it like champs.  Daniel got to do a fun science experiment in school and made solar smores.  While they were waiting for the chocolate to melt they drew with chalk.  He and his two buddies did a picture together to represent "the three friends."
Wednesday (5/25) was Zak's last day of school!!  He had a great time this year with his class and learned a lot.  But he is also excited that the school year is over and that he will be moving to a new school next year.  We got awesome portfolios of his art work and pictures of him and the class from the year.  AJ also participated in the Potato Olympics at school.  He created his own athlete, Potampion from Latvia and together they won the bronze medal in swimming!  AJ was very excited about his win, he's still wearing the medal just about every day.

Thursday (5/26) Zak and I enjoyed our last day at home alone.  We played board games, watched video games and I tried to get some stuff crossed off my to do list.  Daniel celebrated the end of school by wearing his pajamas and bringing his favorite stuffed animal to school for the day.  AJ had his last awards ceremony for the year and earned an award for demonstrating "Hornet Pride" by being respectful, responsible & safe all year.  He was one of only 2 third graders to earn this award and we are very proud of him!

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