Monday, February 1, 2016

Keeping Up With...Family (Updates)

So it's been nearly a month since I caught you up on what's been going on with us as a family.  I was going to do a recap of our Christmas break but we really didn't do anything super exciting and I ran out of time so I never did one.  The past month has been incredibly busy but also not much going on.  It's that weird time for us between all of the Christmas craziness and the multiple February birthdays (2 of my boys & my niece).  So I figured I'd just do a quick, bullet-style list of updates for the past month or so in the Jones house.  Check back tomorrow for an update on My Fab 40 goals!

- AJ, Daniel & Zak have all started back up with swimming lessons.  We go every Sunday to the Gahanna YMCA.  They are all making great progress, including swimming unassisted at times!
- AJ and Daniel are back in a bowling league.  This may be AJ's last league with the bumpers.  Their scores seem to have regressed from where they were, but they are using the bumpers less so I know that is progress.
- AJ has about one month left of ice hockey.  He will be taking the spring off to focus on baseball but will probably go back to hockey camp this summer.
- Daniel competed in his first Pinewood Derby with his Cub Scout pack.  His car looked pretty cool and he placed 9th out of 12 boys.  He was thrilled!!
- Zak is still playing soccer and loving it.  He has decided to take a break from ice skating for now and will do baseball & football (and probably still soccer) in the spring.
- Daniel will also be trying baseball in the spring.  I have no idea how we're getting all 3 of them where they need to be.  Thankfully AJ & Daniel will be on the same team.
- Adrian has joined a basketball league at our church and is enjoying getting back to playing.  He's also enjoying spending time with other men.
- All five of us went to a Columbus Blue Jackets game this month.  It was Zak's first hockey game!  We planned on only staying for the first 2 periods but it was a great game so we stayed until the end, which ended up being overtime.  So fun!
- We had a head cold and a stomach bug come thru the house recently.  Tis the season for germs!
- We had two snow days this month, one for snow and one for it being too cold to start the buses.  We spent both days keeping warm and relaxing around the house.  We also had a holiday (MLK) and did basically the same thing.
- Adrian took a few of my Zumba classes this month and he loved them!  He's hoping to get back once in a while.  He liked regular Zumba more than toning, he said it was much more fun.
- AJ & Daniel got their 2nd quarter report cards and both are still doing great.  AJ got all A's & B's and made the honor roll for 2nd quarter.  He is working very hard to try to get all A's this quarter.  Daniel is right where he should be and continues to be a role model in his class.  He earned an award for demonstrating being Responsible during the 2nd quarter.

I think that's about all from here.  I'll leave you with a few pictures from the past month.  Hopefully it won't be another month before I update all of you!
Hockey Selfie

Enjoying ice cream
Daniel's award for Being Responsible
AJ & Daniel swimming
Couch Selfie
Cub Scout Pinewood Derby

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