Sunday, January 31, 2016

Keeping Up With...Food (Menu Plan 2/1 - 2/7)

So after a great week, a not so great week of following my menu plan.  But we didn't eat out at all so that's a win.  We had a few unexpected things happen this week including a stomach bug and a work happy hour for Adrian.  There were nights I just didn't feel like cooking so I was very thankful for leftovers and for a casserole I made over winter break and stuck in our deep freeze.  Hoping to get back on track this week.

This week will be a little different for us.  I joined a group of women who are doing a 5 day clean eating challenge.  They provided the menu plan, recipes and shopping list - yay!  Adrian and I are really excited about the dinners they suggested.  I'll also be trying out some of their snack and lunch ideas.  The breakfasts will be harder since I can not stand oatmeal.  They also gave us a recipe for breakfast burritos so I'll be making those on Tuesday and freezing them for future days.  The other mornings I'll be sticking with my protein bars, these muffins and my daily half of grapefruit.

Here's what we'll be eating this week:
Monday -  Vegetable soup made with broth from the chicken bones from last week & all the leftover veggies in my fridge, plus some beans & chicken.  I'm flying by the seat of my pants on what I put in this!  Food prep done for this - I already made the broth.
Tuesday - Philly Cheesesteak Stuffed Peppers
Wednesday - Lemon Thyme Crockpot Chicken (and more broth - yay!)
Thursday - Honey Dijon Pork Chops and Broccoli Salad
Friday - Wild Berry Crepes - My first time attempting homemade crepes, wish me luck!
Saturday - Asian Crack Slaw with Sausage Egg Rolls in a Bowl - carry over from last week
Sunday - Buffalo Chicken Chili - trying to be somewhat healthy for the Super Bowl

Water Infuser Flavor - Mango - thanks to Giant Eagle for the free one!!

As always, I'm linking up with Laura at Mommy, Run Fast.  Go check out the other blogs on the link up for some more yummy recipes!  Have a great week!!


  1. The clean eating challenge sounds fun! I hope you enjoy. Your meals for the week sound great! I wish I could get into freezing meals for later, I'm really hoping to start making that a habit so that we eat out less!

  2. We had the stomach bug this week too, yuck! The stuffed peppers sound awesome. Enjoy the challenge this week!